This website offers you dozens of free tools to manipulate and extract map data


The geographer Gersón Beltrán says]that we are in the ‘Golden Age of cartography’ (although it is dying as a profession) thanks to two facts: “the ability to connect everything thanks to the Internet and mobile devices, and the ability to share all that information throughout the planet.”

If three days ago you read in Genbeta about a website that allows you to create your own high-definition maps ready to print for free, today we bring you another website that collects and allows you free access to multiple online tools related to mapseither intended to extract information from them, or to use them to display said information more clearly.

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Dozens of free utilities

We are talking about Free Map Tools, a website that, according to its creators on its front page, “allows visitors to use maps easily and quickly to measure, search and overlay markup elements on maps for a wide range of useful uses.

This cover highlights the four most popular tools offered by the web, but it is also possible to access a complete list of them: 31 general toolsfor all types of locations, and others 52 related only to postal codes of certain countries (Spain, unfortunately, is not among them).


Thus, it is possible delimit an area within the map (either draw it if it has an irregular shape or if we do not know the exact center of it, either setting a radius from a point), and that the Free Maps Tools calculate the extension of it, or the population it contains or that the municipalities contained within it stand out.

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This website and its complete set of maps will help you learn a lot about geography: you can spend hours discovering the world

It is also possible calculate the distance between two points, display a travel route, or set the best meeting point in such a way that all attendees have to travel a similar distance.

Sun Gate

Several of the Free Map Tools tools allow us to export the data in KLM format, to be able to take the points and routes that we mark to other applications

Each tool has its own section, detailing its usefulness and how to use it. Es posible que algunas herramientas muestren un aviso (“Unfortunately, due to a large price increase in back-end services, we can no longer offer some features on this page”) warning us that its functions are limited since 2018, due to an increase in the prices of the Google Maps API. Fortunately, most of them are based on the API of its ‘open’ rival, OpenStreetMap.


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