This website tells you how much your house or the one you want to buy is worth according to data from the Cadastre: this is the new ‘reference value’


If among your projects for this newly released 2022 is the acquisition of a home, you should know that Since January 1, a new indicator known as the ‘Land Registry Reference Value’ has come into force (which is not the same as the cadastral value), which from now on will constitute the tax base for taxes such as Capital Transmissions and Inheritance and Donations (and will affect the calculation of the Wealth Tax).

It is important to know the reference value of the property you want to acquire: legally, the Administration assumes that the Land Registry reference value corresponds to the market value, so – if not – from now on it will be up to the taxpayer to prove it. That is to say, the burden of proof is reversed with respect to the regulations of 2021 and previous years.


Steps to follow to check the reference value of a property

But, of course, now that we know the importance of this indicator, it only remains to know how we can access it to consult the property of our interest. Quiet, you can do it from your home and you only need a browser and some official digital identification system (digital certificate, electronic ID, Cl @ ve, etc.).

We must access the section corresponding to the Reference Value within the website of the Cadastre Electronic Headquarters, and click on ‘Reference value query’. We have verified that whatever the link – among the three indicated – that you use, they will all direct us to the same site:


The next step is, of course, identify us:


Next we must indicate the purpose of our inquiry (Let’s choose the one we choose, the next steps to follow will not change), the date on which we want to consult the reference value and, of course, the cadastral reference of the property in question:


Cadastral reference: what it is and how to search online for your property or that of any other

The result of our query will be something very similar to this, that rsummarize all the information we need:


But if, in addition to knowing the reference value ourselves, we need to present it for administrative purposes, from this page we can download a certificate in PDF clicking on the corresponding buttons (Reference Value Certificate => Download the certification in PDF):



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