This will be the world solidarity race that seeks the cure of spinal cord injuries


On Sunday, May 8, the eighth edition of the Wings For Life World Runthe charity competition that aims to raise funds for the research seeking a cure for spinal cord injurywhich mostly occur due to traffic accidents.

With a unique format, participants run as far as possible until they are caught by a moving finish linethe Catcher Car, which chases the runners along the path, faster and faster, until they have all been caught. This moveable finish line allows participants of any skill level to complete the race. The slowest finish first, while the last to be caught are declared Campeones Wings for Life World Run.

Last year runners from 195 nationalities and raised more than 4.1 million euros. This 2022 the race can be played through the official app Wings For Life World Run, so everyone can participate anywhere in the world, at their own pace, and without the need to crowd. The app can be downloaded for iOS y Android.

Running to push your own limits fits the format of the race Wings for Life, since there is no arrival point. Competition gives runners a 30-minute head start before the Catcher-Car start and gradually start to increase your speed. Each participant’s race ends when the car catches up with them (actually or virtually, if they participate through the app). And in the case of the ultra-runners, as is the case of the champion of the 2016 Giorgio Calcaterrathat can mean running 80 kilometers. And even for amateursthe unique format of the discipline generates that they make their own barriers disappear.

Wings For Life World Run is a charity race that aims to raise funds to find a cure for spinal cord injuries. The format of this competition is unique: there is no fixed finish line, but rather the runners run ahead of the Mobile Finish Line (virtual, simulated in the app) that starts 30 minutes after the start of the race. Once they are overtaken by the virtual car traveling at a certain constant speed, the race is over for them. The May 8 It will be the day when the thousands of runners will come together to participate in Wings for Life around the world. It will be a new challenge in which they will run for those who cannot.


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