This Year’s Royal Oak Festival Will Have An Area Where People Can Smoke Marijuana


This Year’s Royal Oak Festival Will Have An Area Where People Can Smoke Marijuana:

At Dankway, people over 21 can buy and use marijuana goods. The store is located on 7th between Washington as well as Center. Dankway will have a sitting area, a dab bar, and a rolling station. The event said that this area was set up away from the art, food, and family activities.

People over 18 will be able to go to Dankland, which will be an interactive pop-up experience. This area will have games, music, and LED light shows. This is not a place where people can smoke or buy weed. It’s at the corner of Center and 6th.

White Boy No. 8 The Michigan pharmacy chain House of Dank set up the weed space in a quiet alley in Royal Oak. One of the booths there was for Rick’s new line of cannabis.

On The Schedule For The Holiday Weekend Are The Detroit Jazz Festival And The Hamtramck Labor Day Festival:

Arts, Beats, and Eats is part of a busy end to summer in the metro Detroit area. The holiday weekend schedule includes the Detroit Jazz Festival, the Hamtramck Labor Day Festival, the Michigan State Fair, the Romeo Peach Festival, and the yearly opening of the Franklin Cider Mill.

“We are proud to be the initial weed company to combine sales and use of cannabis into a gathering of this size that isn’t about weed.

The owner of House of Dank, Marvin Jamo, said, “This step will change the landscape of festivals and business gatherings not just in Michigan but across the country, which would be pretty cool.”

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Cannababe Is In Charge Of Putting On The Event:

Cannababe, a new experience marketing business, is in charge of the event. The goal of their regular marijuana-related events is to connect cannabis brands alongside weed users.

The event, called “High within the Sky,” will have a cash bar, 11 pot sponsors, and two popular DJs. It will take place at a place that hasn’t been announced yet.

House of Dank has been a part of the event for three years, but this summer is the first occasion that a cannabis zone has been allowed at the long-running festival.

Mike Dilaura, the Chief Corporate Officer of House of Dank, says that getting the city council on board was a long and complicated process.

AB&E is the first big event in Michigan and one of the first in the country to have a legal marijuana store and a place to smoke it. The city of Royal Oak as well as the state of Michigan both gave permission for the room, which may accommodate up to 362 people.

Some People Who Had Been Coming To AB&E For A Long Time Were Glad To Have A Safe Place To Smoke:

Large fans spinning in the ceiling helped get rid of smoke and smells, but you could still smell weed. Some people who had been coming to AB&E for a long time were glad to have a secure location to smoke.

Brian Cahalan, 71, a former secondary school teacher from Royal Oak, said, “I like this, and to be honest, I wish it was more popular.” “I feel most at home here,” she said.

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Like many people who came to DankWay, Cahalan meant to leave after he finished his joint and check out the rest of the event.

Over there, a woman named Aaliyah S. from the Grand Rapids weed company Zoot Rollz carefully used a bud grinder as well as wood rolling tips to make what one excited witness dubbed “a super blunt!”

More Than 60 Industrial Fans As Well As Charcoal Screens Keep Smells From Getting Out:

“Not just did they all say “yes,” but this time it was unanimous,” Dilaura said. Mike Fournier, the mayor of Royal Oak, says that the weed area is interesting, but it shouldn’t serve as a distraction.

“This year, we chose to try something different. But you should know that this event is beneficial for families. “The arts, the beats, as well as the food have always been and will always be the main focus,” Fournier said.

Dank Way was the biggest event in Michigan of this kind. The event for people over 21 is completely sealed, so people outside can’t see anything to do with weed. It also has over sixty industrial fans as well as charcoal screens to make sure that no smells get out.

There Are Over Fifty Food Stands At The Event:

Tom Tucker, who lives in Southfield but used to live in Royal Oak within the early 1970s, remembers when the cops spent a lot of time and money breaking up pot parties within Memorial Park, which is close by.

“Are you kidding me? Now they’re smoking in the middle of Royal Oak, in the open,” he said. As the first day of the 26th AB&E event started on a nice Friday afternoon, the streets of downtown Royal Oak were already packed with people.

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Along Washington Avenue, the smells from the event’s 50-plus food booths were enticing. The food was as varied as the sounds coming from the nine stages, where many up-and-coming acts were playing during the festival’s first few hours.

On Friday, Joan Jett Was Set To Close The Festival’s Main Stage:

Joan Jett was supposed to close the fest’s national stage on Friday. She was going to be one of the weekend’s headliners, along with Halestorm, Russell Dickerson, as well as Bell Biv DeVoe, as well as more than 200 local artists of all kinds.

“Is it so crazy that one would believe that there could possibly be an area at a Tigers game for people who want to smoke pot? Would it be crazy to believe that at all outdoor events in Michigan in the future, there will be a place where you can drink, hang outside, and view the band? I think that these kinds of things will always happen.”