Those About to Die Season 1 release date, cast, storyline, trailer release, and everything you need to know


Those About to Die Season 1 release date, cast, storyline, trailer release, and everything you need to know

Ancient Rome is brought vividly back to life in the highly anticipated new historical drama series Those About to Die. This epic saga promises to immerse viewers in the brutal, corrupt world of gladiatorial combat and the spectacle-driven entertainment that was a cornerstone of Roman society. With an impressive cast led by acting legend Anthony Hopkins and directed by blockbuster filmmaker Roland Emmerich, Those About to Die has all the makings of a must-see television event.

The series explores a darker side of the Roman Empire that has rarely been depicted on the small screen. While the glories of ancient Rome have been celebrated, Those About to Die will peel back the layers to reveal the seedy underbelly and grim realities that allowed the games to thrive. Viewers will see the influential figures who controlled the gladiatorial industry and its vast underworld.

Those About to Die Season 1 Release Date:

Eagerly awaited by fans of historical dramas, Those About to Die Season 1 is set for its premiere release on Thursday, July 18, 2024. In a binge July 18 movie, the entire first season, consisting of 10 episodes, will drop all at once on the Peacock streaming service.

For international audiences, Those About to Die will debut on Prime Video in the UK starting Friday, July 19. This will allow the series to reach a vast global viewership from its initial release.

Those About to Die Series Storyline Overview:

Based on Daniel P. Mannix’s 1958 nonfiction book of the same name, Those About to Die aims to provide an unflinching portrayal of the gladiatorial games and society’s obsession with violence and spectacle in ancient Rome. The series chronicles the intersection of sports, politics, and power dynamics during the formation of the iconic Colosseum.

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As the population grew restless amidst influxes of enslaved people and an insatiable demand for entertainment of the bloodiest kind, the wealthiest Romans capitalized on making the grisly games a highly lucrative industry. Corporations centered around different racing factions became immensely valuable and influential.

Those About to Die will focus on the battles between mighty gladiators and the clashing egos, ambitions, and agendas of the central power players manipulating events from the shadows. Bettors, criminals, senators, royals—the series examines the complex hierarchies and societal tensions that allowed the games to reach a sickening moral nadir.

Those About to Die Season 1 – Expected Storyline:

In its first season, Those About to Die is expected to lay the groundwork by establishing the key players and factions vying for dominance in the growing gladiatorial business. As the Colosseum is being constructed to meet public demand, viewers will get a ground-level view of the seedy underworld emerging with the landmark arena.

Central to Season 1’s plot will likely be Anthony Hopkins’ character, the formidable Emperor Vespasian, and his role in endorsing and regulating gladiatorial spectacles to control the masses. His struggle to maintain order while profiting from the games looks to be a driving storyline.

The season will also introduce a vast ensemble of characters from all walks of Roman life whose interconnected fates become tied to the rising blood sports. Rogues, enslaved people, warriors, merchants – no facet of society goes untouched by the gladiatorial phenomenon. Tensions will surely escalate as the body count rises and fortunes begin to turn.

Those About to Die Series – Cast Members:

  • Anthony Hopkins as Emperor Vespasian
  • Tom Hughes as Titus Flavianus
  • Sara Martins as Cala
  • Dimitri Leonidas as Scorpus
  • Gabriella Pession as Antonia
  • Jojo Macari as Domitian
  • Moe Hashim as Kwame
  • David Wurawa as Gavros
  • Iwan Rheon as Tenax
  • Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson as Viggo
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Those About to Die Season 1 – List of Episodes:

The episode titles and specific plot details for Those About to Die Season 1 have not yet been officially released. However, the season is confirmed to consist of 10 episodes, all of which will premiere on the same date.

Those About to Die Series Creators Team:

Those About to Die has an impressive creative pedigree, with several top names attached to the production. The series was developed for television by acclaimed screenwriter Robert Rodat, who was nominated for an Academy Award for his Saving Private Ryan script. Rodat will serve as head writer and pen the first three episodes to help establish the show’s tone.

Director Roland Emmerich, best known for epic disaster films like Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow, and 2019’s Midway, will bring massive scale and blockbuster sensibilities to the project. Emmerich will direct five of the first season’s episodes and is also an executive producer.

Marco Kreuzpaintner, who worked on popular shows like Beat and The Lazarus Project, rounds out the directorial duties. He, too, is credited as an executive producer alongside other notable names like Gianni Nunnari (300, The Departed) and producers from the hit Starz series Outlander.

Where to Watch Those About to Die Season 1?

For viewers in the United States, Those About to Die Season 1 will be exclusive to the Peacock streaming service. All ten episodes will premiere on July 18, 2024, and on July 1818, will be available to stream immediately for Peacock subscribers.

Beginning July 19, 2024, UK viewers July 19ok forward to watching the series unfold weekly on Prime Video. Unfortunately, the July 19th international distribution to other major markets has not been announced yet.

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Given the scale and ambition of the project, Those About to Die seems poised to find a sizable global audience. However, streaming options may be limited initially to just Peacock domestically and Prime Video for British viewers.

Those About to Die Season 1 Trailer Release Date:

Peacock released an action-packed teaser trailer for Those About to Die in April 2024, whetting audience appetites several months before the premiere. While light on specifics, the intense 60-second trailer highlights the show’s epic visuals and visceral action set pieces.

Anthony Hopkins’ ominous voiceover as Emperor Vespasian hauntingly teases the blood-soaked spectacle: “Citizens of Rome, place your bets well – for there are those about to rise and die.”

There is no official word yet on when a full-length trailer for Season 1 will be unveiled, but an extensive marketing campaign will likely ramp up in the weeks leading up to the summer premiere.

Those About to Die Season 1 Final Words:

With its stacked cast and crew, Those About to Die has the potential to be one of 2024’s most significant new TV events. By going deep into the darkest corners of ancient Roman society, the series seems poised to shed new light on an era we thought we knew.

However, the show must balance glorifying violence and thoughtfully exploring society’s relationship with cruelty as entertainment. If it succeeds, Those About to Die could be a signature achievement in bringing a controversial history chapter to vivid, uncompromising life.

Viewers will have to tune in when the highly anticipated series premieres on July 18 to see if it can bring July 18 to the hype. July 18ver is an engaging, visceral experience worthy of its prestige pedigree. Ancient Rome’s salacious secrets may finally be revealed.