Those who made hollow promises to farmers for decades are now firing guns on their shoulders: PM Modi


new Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday slammed the opposition parties over the agrarian reform bills passed by Parliament and said that those who raised slogans and made hollow promises in the name of farmers for decades, today put their guns on their shoulders for their political interest. Are driving. Also Read – Kisan Bill 2020: Unique way of shutting down India, road jammed while sitting on buffalo and farmers lying on railway tracks

PM Modi said this while addressing BJP workers through video conference on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Bharatiya Jana Sangh founder Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay. Also Read – PM Modi’s ‘Self-reliant India’ campaign is an important initiative: IMF

Some people are firing guns on farmers’ shoulders
Modi said, “There were only slogans, hollow promises.” The country now knows these things very well. ” Without naming the Congress and any other party, he said that some people who have been lying these days due to their political selfishness, are putting guns on farmers’ shoulders, confusing them and spreading rumors. Also Read – Farmers ‘Bharat Bandh’ today against agricultural bills, these states including Punjab and Haryana will be affected

If the farmer knows the nuances of agricultural reform, then he will not be confused
The Prime Minister accused the opposition’s opposition on agrarian reform bills as political selfishness, that they (the opposition) are trying to confuse the farmers by spreading rumors. The PM said, “At such a time, all of us BJP workers have a big duty. We are responsible. Because we have to make the future of the farmer bright. The more we explain to farmers about the specifics of agricultural reform, the more the farmer will be aware and will not be confused. The PM called upon BJP workers to meet small farmers at the grassroots level and make them aware of the benefits of agricultural bills.

Government has done the work of fulfilling the big promises
Modi said, “Within a very short time, we have dealt with the affairs that have been going on for decades. Has fulfilled many big promises. Modi said that his government has done the task of fulfilling the big promises made in the last election in a very short time. The PM said that the plan of “Har Ghar Jal” or the promise of fast internet to every village, these are going to make the lives of crores of countrymen easier. He said, it also includes promises like Article 370, construction of grand Ram temple in Ayodhya which have been the basis of our austerity for decades.

Many slogans were raised in the name of the farmer and the worker, how hollow they were
The Prime Minister said, “Our power to prove resolve is to be maintained. Modi said that for many decades after independence, many slogans were raised in the name of farmers and workers, big manifestos were written, but the test of time has proved how hollow all those things were.

Opposition of these three bills
In many parts of the country, especially in Punjab and Haryana, farmers’ organizations are protesting against the three bills related to agriculture. Among these are the Essential Commodities (Amendment) Bill, 2020, Farmers Produce Trade and Commerce (Promotion and Simplification) Bill 2020 and Farmers’ (Empowerment and Protection) Price Assurance and Agreements Bill, 2020 on Agricultural Services.

The farmers had only got a tangled web of promises and laws
The PM said, “Instead of national interest and public interest, power was made a part of politics and some people formed governments in the country and in the states many times in the name of farmers and workers. But what did they get? Only a tangled web of promises and laws, which neither the farmer nor the laborers could understand. ” The farmers were kept entangled in such laws, due to which he could not even sell his own produce according to his mind.

Small and marginal farmers will get more benefits
Modi said, “Now decades later, the farmer has got the right to his produce. The small and marginal farmers will get the most benefit from the improvements made in agriculture. ”

Legislation made for 50 crore workers
The PM said that like the farmers, the workers of the country were kept entangled in the web of laws for decades. Under the labor reform laws, the NDA government has simplified and simplified the laws regarding the health of the workers, their safety, their wages. He said, “Through the new laws, about 50 crore organized and unorganized sector workers get their salaries, that too at the time, it has been made legally mandatory.

Social security shield of workers will be strengthened by new provisions
Modi claimed, “We are going to get the blessings of the workers. The new provisions will strengthen the social security shield of workers. The new provisions will also make working in a way easier and easier for the industries of the country. The scope of the organized sector will also increase. “

PM told about many schemes
In the presence of several Union ministers and leaders including BJP President JP Nadda, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, Leader in Rajya Sabha Sadan Thawarchand Gehlot at the BJP headquarters, the PM recently launched a social security scheme for street vendors, Scheduled Castes And also talked about extending the provision of reservation for Scheduled Tribes by 10 more years and arranging 10 percent reservation for the poor of the general category.


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