Three-and-a-half-month-old innocent baby girl sold, cost 2.4 million, know the full story

new Delhi: A two-and-a-half-month-old innocent girl who had just stepped into the world, was sold to others by her unfortunate father. What does that girl know about how bloodless the world is and daughters are still valued today. After the third child, the parents were tense as to what to do with the daughter. The troubled father, after having two daughters from the first, sold him for 60 thousand rupees. What happened to that girl after that…

The incident is of a city like Delhi. There were already two daughters in the family, the third child also a daughter, which the father was sad about. He sold his third daughter of two and a half months in Zafarabad to a woman named Manisha in Zafarabad for 60 thousand rupees. A few days after selling the girl, she felt embarrassed, so she went to the Women’s Commission and told her full story.

Three and a half months innocent sold

On the trail of father Amandeep, the team of Delhi Women’s Commission reached Jafrabad area and contacted the police. She did not find Manisha there, when she was called, she told that she had sold the girl to Deepa and Manju in Madipur.

At the stated address of Manisha, the women’s commission and the police team immediately reached Madipur, Indu was found there and she told that Manju and Manisha had left the child with her but both of them are in Shakurpur for the moment. When the police caught Manju in Shakurpur, he told that the girl has been sold to a businessman named Sanjay for one lakh rupees.

The police reached Sanjay’s house, who live in the Chavadi market and came to know that he was childless. After running away from here all night, the girl was recovered from Sanjay on Thursday morning. The police have arrested father Amanpreet, Indu, Manju, Manisha and Sanjay who bought the girl on charges of human trafficking.

Father said – was in depression, daughter sold

Father Amandeep told the police that he works as a driver and he already has two daughters and he went into depression when the third child was also a daughter during lockdown. Thinking that I do not have the money to raise a child, he sold his daughter to Manisha. But when she came to know that Manisha has also sold the girl, she was worried about her daughter, then she reached the Women’s Commission.

The chairperson of the Women’s Commission thanked the police

Delhi Women’s Commission chairperson Swati Maliwal has thanked the police after the recovery of the girl child. He said that the police raided several places throughout the night for the girl and rescued her from a large racket in which the girl was sold five times. He told that five people have also been arrested in this case, they will be punished strictly.

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