Three Months After A Mysterious Health Emergency, Jamie Foxx Poses On A Formula 1 Car In Las Vegas


Three Months After A Mysterious Health Emergency, Jamie Foxx Poses On A Formula 1 Car In Las Vegas:

In his first public video since being hospitalized in April for what his child Corrine Foxx called a “medical complication,” Jamie Foxx gave viewers an update on his healing.

Jamie Foxx didn’t say what the problem was in the Instagram video he shared on Friday night, but he did talk about how bad it was when he was within the hospital.

On Thursday, Jamie Foxx surprised his fans when he shared a photo from Las Vegas where he stood upon a Formula 1 race car and said that he had some interesting projects coming up.

Foxx hasn’t been seen much in public since his daughter, Corinne, said on April 12 that her dad had been treated for an unnamed “medical complication.” Foxx and his family haven’t said anything more about his sickness or how he’s doing with his healing as of yet.

After being treated for a “medical complication” within April, Jamie Foxx is coming out for the first time. “First of all, I want to thank everyone who has prayed for me as well as sent me messages,” he said within a video that was shared on his Instagram Friday and lasted more than three minutes.

“I can’t even begin with telling you how far it led me as well as how it brought me return.” In April, the actor’s daughter Corinne told the media that Foxx had been hospitalized but was “already on his path of recovery” while shooting the Netflix movie Back within Action in Atlanta.

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At that point, she didn’t say much about the scare with her health. Foxx has also stayed out of the press for the most part. He missed public events like the opening of They Cloned Tyrone in June.

The Oscar winner has kept a low profile in the months since his family said that Foxx had “experienced a medical complication” and that “luckily, because of quick action as well as great care, he is already on the way to recovery.”

He was recently seen “celebrating summer” within Chicago, according to a tweet he sent out on July 9. On that day, he was seen upon the Chicago River in a boat with some friends.

We got a few photos from behind-the-scenes from the shoot, and the actor looks pretty concentrated while he’s sitting in the seat of a golden F1 race car. We’ve been told that the ad will start running right before the NFL season starts.

Foxx stood upon top of a gold Formula 1 race car with his right foot on one of the front wheels and a black hat with a gold band next to him. He was wearing a sharp dark green suit. “Thankful for my @BetMGM family as well as a great weekend in Vegas,” Foxx wrote in a post that seemed to be advertising a product.

Corrine was the one who told everyone about her dad’s health problem three months ago. “Thanks to quick intervention and excellent care, he is on the road to getting better.

“We know how much he is loved and thank you for your prayers,” she wrote at the time. On the 12th of May the model gave an update, saying that her dad had been released from the hospital and was getting better at home. She said at the time, “In fact, he had been playing pickleball yesterday!”

Foxx broke his quiet on May 3, when he sent a note to his fans thanks them for their support. “Thank you for all the love! Foxx wrote that she was “blessed.” Foxx’s friend Nick Cannon also gave a report on Foxx’s health the next day.

I have to tell you, Nick Cannon wouldn’t exist without Jamie Foxx,” said Cannon, who filled within for Foxx on the set of the game show Beat Shazam on the Fox network.

I love this brother like a family member, man. When I was a youth and didn’t have an area to sleep, he looked out for me. I was able to sleep on this brother’s couch. It was a good time, and I think it will continue to be a good time because I think my brother will get better soon.

“I know that plenty of people were waiting or seeking updates, yet to be honest with you, I just didn’t want you to see me such as that man,” he said.

“I would like you to observe me laughing, having fun at a party, telling a joke, or acting in a movie or TV show. I didn’t want you to witness me with tubes coming out of me and wondering if I were going to live.”