Three People Were Caught On Video During The Rock The South Assault


Three People Were Caught On Video During The Rock The South Assault:

At a news meeting on Wednesday morning, Cullman police said that they had arrested three men in connection alongside a beating that was caught on camera at the Rock the South music event.

William Joseph Vinson Jr., 20, of Harvest, Zachary Scott Taylor, 21, of Athens, as well as Chance Marcus Alan Starling, 20, of Toney, have all been charged with second-degree assault, which is a crime.

A Team Of Men Beat Up A Kid At Country Music Event On Saturday Night:

On Saturday night, a group of men at a country music event beat up a kid from Alabama so badly that he passed out and broke his nose.

Reid Watts, age 18, was at the “Rock the South” music festival with some friends when a fellow concertgoer accused him of spilling a drink upon them. This led to a group of “30- to 40-year-old” guys beating up the teen.

Watts stated he tried to make up with his accuser because he wasn’t drinking, and the two apparently shook hands. However, as some of Watts’ friends went to the bathroom, he was assaulted from behind.

The Kid Got Head Injury:

Reid Watts, who is 18 years old, was taken to the hospital with a head injury, a broken nose, and additional injuries. Officials said that Watts has been let out of the hospital.

Cullman Police Chief David Nassetta wouldn’t say exactly why the beating happened, but he did say that it was over something “frivolous” and “meaningless.”

“Nothing can really explain why someone would do something such as that, but in this case, it wasn’t something that should have led to violence,” he said. “And it shows what kind of people these people we arrested are.”

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“Please help me discover the cowards who hurt my son at Rock the South tonight. “Several grown men jumped on him and beat him until he was unconscious while his girlfriend stood there shouting for help,” said Howard.

“They kept beating him while he was upon the ground till security came as well as got Reid as well as Katie out of there and into an ambulance.

He broke his nose, hit his head, got stitches, and has knots as big as softballs upon the rear of his skull. He had no idea it was coming.

One of them said he spilled a drink upon him, and they all attacked him at once. Reid wasn’t even holding a drink within his hand. Anyone who has met Reid before knows what kind of guy he is.

He has never met a person he didn’t like, and he can get attached to anyone. He’s a good kid who didn’t deserve what happened to him. Please tell me about this and guide me find out who is to blame.

Event Organizers Gave A Prize OF $10,000 And Free Tickets For Life Time:

Event organizers gave a prize of $10,000 and free tickets to the celebration for life for information that led to the capture and trial of the people who attacked the person.

It was thought that over 105,000 people went to the event, and between 35,000 and 40,000 were there when the beating happened.

One of the leaders of Rock the South, Nathan Baugh, said that he was “absolutely disgusted as well as appalled at the cowardly actions of certain individuals.”

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He thanked the people who sent in videos to help discover the people who did it. Authorities said that “thousands” of replies helped them figure out who the three guys who were arrested were.

Event Organizers Increase The Security In Order TO Avoid These Type Of Incident:

“I want to say again and again that this kind of behavior is not common or widespread at any of our events,” Baugh stated. “Going forward, we hope that this unfortunate incident will serve as a reminder that Rock the South will never allow this kind of behavior.”

The Cullman County District Attorney’s Office, the Madison County and Limestone County Sheriff’s Offices, the Huntsville police, as well as the Metro Area Crime Center all helped with the probe.