Tiger Memon on the radar of the Intelligence Department, the mastermind of the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts

new Delhi: Magnum Africa, a Kenyan food import company operating from Nairobi, has rekindled hopes of India’s intelligence agency RAW over the country’s most wanted fugitive Tiger Memon. Tiger is the mastermind of the 1993 Mumbai serial (serial) blasts. 257 people were killed in one of the most frightening attacks in the subcontinent. Tiger Memon, involved in drug trafficking, has been off the radar of intelligence agencies for the last five years. Keeping an eye on Magnum Africa’s deal in Pakistan has revealed that the company is involved in an international drug (drug) smuggling racket under the guise of grain trade. On paper, Magnum may have imported high quality rice and other grains from Pakistan, but its real dealings were related to narcotics. Also Read – Sanjay Dutt may face difficulty in going to America for cancer treatment, where is the screw stuck?

Abdul Majeed alias Musa was arrested by the police in February 2020 while dealing 35 kg of heroin smuggled from Karachi to India. Moses, an accused in the serial blasts, is believed to be Tiger Memon’s right hand. Musa was arrested at Mumbai airport when he was going from Nairobi to Dubai. In interrogation of Moses, some information was found about Tiger Memon’s whereabouts. The Intelligence Dossier on ‘Tiger of Terror’ states that 59-year-old Tiger Memon sought help from underworld don Dawood Ibrahim to carry out serial bombings in Mumbai. While Dawood Ibrahim came to know about Karachi’s address, no one was aware of Tiger Memon’s whereabouts. Also Read – Hizbul reactivating in Kashmir valley, plan to attack in 10 days; A group of terrorists reached Kishtwar!

Ujjwal Nikam, the chief prosecutor of the serial blasts, says, “We have enough evidence about Dawood Ibrahim’s presence in Karachi, but we have little information in the case of Tiger Memon, who is the main accused.” The last time the police detected Tiger Memon was in July 2015. Tiger called his mother in Mumbai hours before his younger brother Yakub was hanged in serial bomb blasts in Mumbai. In a three-minute conversation with his mother over the phone, Tiger vowed to avenge Yakub’s execution. Nothing has been known about Tiger since then. Special Public Prosecutor Nikam said in several major terror cases, including the Mumbai bomb blasts, “We have sent several Interpol notices to Pakistan to trace and arrest Tiger Memon.” But no response was received from the other side. On our files, Tiger is absconding, a mastermind of the serial blasts. ” Also Read – Gujarat ATS arrested Mumbai serial blast accused from airport

He said, “Although the trial is over, we are still waiting for his arrest.” The moment he is caught, a new chargesheet will be filed before the court based on the evidence already presented. ” Sources said that Tiger Memon fled to Pakistan after committing the Mumbai serial blasts and started living in Gulshan-e-Iqbal area of ​​Karachi. He later shifted to the posh defense housing area of ​​the same city. Even though Dawood and his brother Anees Ibrahim also live in Karachi, sources said that Tiger Memon and D Company have separate businesses. Tiger Memon, mainly involved in drug trafficking, has also started some major construction projects in Karachi. Apart from organized crime operations, Tiger Memon also runs guest houses and hotels in Dubai.

In the charge sheet filed in connection with the Mumbai serial blasts, it has been said that Tiger Memon had inducted Moses on March 15, 1993 to help in carrying out the bombings. On his instructions, Moses bought three scooters that were used in the blasts. After the serial blasts, Musa fled to Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh and then from there to Bangkok. Later, Memon got him a Pakistani passport in the name of Anwar Muhammad. Sources said that Moses then shifted to Nairobi and he started running Magnum Africa, which was initially involved in the import of rice from Pakistan.

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