Tiger Woods’s Ex-Girlfriend, Erica Herman, Has Dropped A $30 Million Lawsuit Against Him, Saying That He Broke The Terms Of Their Lease


Tiger Woods’s Ex-Girlfriend, Erica Herman, Has Dropped A $30 Million Lawsuit Against Him, Saying That He Broke The Terms Of Their Lease:

The ex-girlfriend of Tiger Woods dropped her case against the golf star’s estate for $30 million within damages because he kicked her out of his Florida home. Court papers obtained through The Post show that she did this.

Erica Herman dropped the big case while she waits for the outcome of her recent appeal of a judge’s decision to drop out a separate lawsuit she submitted to get out of a non-disclosure agreement she struck with Tiger Woods in 2017.

Erica Herman Chose To Drop Her Thirty Million-Dollar Lawsuit:

Tiger Woods’s ex-girlfriend Erica Herman has chosen to drop her $30 million case against him, which said that he broke an oral deal after they broke up.

According to papers that were found on July 18, Herman, who is 39 years old, dropped the case until the result of an appeal she made for another claim she had filed. This second case is still going on and aims to get rid of a nondisclosure deal she signed alongside Woods in 2017.

In October 2022, Erica Herman Filed A Lawsuit Against Wood’s Trust:

In October 2022, Herman sued Woods’ trust, which was the proprietor of his house. She said that Woods broke a deal they had made over the phone that let her live at his house for a certain amount of time in return for important services.

Documents we got show that Herman said she was tricked into being locked into the land with five years left on their supposed deal. She also said that the property was worth $30 million to rent for the next five years based on its fair renting value.

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In November 2022, Woods Trust Submitted The Papers To Get Rid Of Herman’s Complaint:

In November 2022, Woods’ trust filed papers to get Herman’s lawsuit thrown out. In their answer, the company said that Herman’s NDA with Woods said that she had to use private arbitration to settle “any kind of and all disputes, claims, as well as controversies” with the player.

The papers said that by charging Woods’ trust rather than Woods himself, Herman attempted to get out of her obligation to settle her claims in private and instead gain an edge by taking her disagreements with Woods to court in public. The trust also claimed that there was a private rental agreement.

“By suing the Trust instead of Mr. Woods, Ms. Herman is trying to get out of her obligation to have her claims decided in a confidential arbitration. Instead, she wants to use Mr. Woods against her in a public court case,” the papers say. The Trust also said that a private rental deal did not exist.

Herman Threw Out The Case Without A Trial:

A court record posted on June 29 said that the hearing for Herman’s case about the oral lease, which had been set for August, was canceled.

The paper said that Herman had thrown out the lawsuit without making a decision about what would happen to it until the appeal within Herman v. Woods was decided and it was decided whether or not her claims were subject to arbitration.

“The Plaintiff, Erica Herman, through and through her undersigned counsel, hereby drops with out prejudice her Complaint, filed upon the 26th of October in 2022, awaiting resolution of the appeal within Herman v. Woods and determination of whether the allegations are subject to arbitration,” the papers said, according to The Post.

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Herman submitted her second appeal a few days before the lawsuit was thrown out. In her first appeal, she claimed that Woods had harassed her, but that case was thrown out.

According to papers we got at the time, Florida judge Elizabeth Metzger said in May that the sexual misconduct claims were “vague and thin.”

Herman’s Lawyers Say That Woods Will Attack Her Sexually Again Within 2022.

Herman’s lawyers say that Woods sexually harassed her again within 2022 when he kicked her out of their home and made her housing depend on having a sexual relationship with an additional renter.

They say that this behavior is against federal as well as Florida fair housing rules because it is sexual abuse.

In reaction, Woods said that Herman was an angry ex-girlfriend who chose to make false claims in public court instead of following their deal to settle disagreements through private arbitration.

He also said that Herman’s use of the Speak Out Act, a federal law meant to protect people who have been sexually harassed or assaulted, was an abuse of the court system that hurt the law’s purpose and the people it was meant to help.

Woods And Herman Dated For Five Years Until Their Bitter Breakup In 2022:

Before their rough split in 2022, Woods as well as Herman were together for five years. According to a person with inside information, their relationship broke down and they had arguments about time and money, which led to them splitting up.

The source said that Erica thought Tiger was rarely at home, while Tiger thought Erica spent too much money and lived a luxurious life. Even though they got off to a good start, their relationship finally broke down.

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Woods was in the news before when he was discovered cheating on his then-wife Elin Nordegren alongside a few other women in 2009. The couple, who had two kids together, got a divorce in 2010. After the scandal, Woods went to get help for his sexual problem.