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There are 2 types of people: those who buy games “at close range” without worrying about the ones they already have halfway, and those who don’t get excited about others until the ones they have started are finished. But what if I told you that there is an even more important difference between those who tidy up their library and those who don’t. Therefore, if you are the ones who need to keep an order in your Steam library, here I give you a series of tricks y tips for order your games.

How to Sort Steam Library

First steps

The logical thing, if you want to have a Steam completely customized and where you have the singing voice with what is shown and what is not, it is erase or make disappear all sections that you do not see relevant. If you have not ordered by categories, in the first steps we will have to focus on the shelves in the center of the screen.

As a general rule, the shelves will appear “Recently Played” y “All the games”. We will only have to select the little arrow on the right side and select “Delete this shelf”. If you do not want to do it, there is no problem, but it is the first recommended step to order everything to our liking.

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Create categories for games

sort Steam

Some categories that I have in my library

In order for the shelves to be arranged as we want, we will have to create categories for different games. To organize it by categories, select a first game to include in it:

  • Right click and select from the dropdown bar Add to…
  • Here you will see the option “Create new collection“.
  • You choose a name and if you want the list to be a Dynamic Collection o no.

Dynamic Collection refers to a list of games that, with assigned parameters, the collection will automatically expand with each game that is included in the library. Therefore, they are not necessary.

The ordering mode enters the each player’s choice. Do you want to sort it by gender? Perhaps by development study? Maybe by theme? For example, a division that works for me and that I have used for years is to separate the games by those Played, Playing, Online games, Games to pass the time and those that I plan to play soon

How to use Steam bookshelves

Sort Steam Library

Once we have created our categories, we can order and make the shelves section much more striking. This is the visual part of the library, what draws attention and gives you that pleasure when seeing everything in order. To fill our bookshelf we will have to “Add Shelving” and choose which one we want to appear.

Here again it is personal decision, but keep in mind that, for example, categories such as “Played” would not make any sense if they appeared on the main screen. Categorizing these games gives us the possibility of not getting bogged down with games of all kinds and selecting those that we want to play at the moment.

Once we have the shelving at our Homepage, we can, as something optional, order each game within it. It is an even more personal preference than the previous one, but extremely striking. Do you want to order by the note in Metacritic and thus know which game is the best? You can. Maybe order by the hours of vice you have, especially those online? The option is at your disposal.

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The best friend to order automatically

sort Steam

Although it may seem confusing, Depressurizer automatically connects with your Steam without interfering with the account beyond ordering the shelves

Even within the order there can be laziness, laziness or procrastination. I know a lot about that and so it didn’t surprise me that the community had created software to sort games on Steam much faster. depressurizer is a free tool so you don’t have to select game by game individually and include them in the relevant categories.

They are installation is easy, since it only requires decompressing and executing the <>.exe file. If you get the error “Error loading game database”, you have to put the directory manually, which by default is c:\program files (x86)\steam. On the other hand, if you see “Steam Web API”, just click “Cancel”.

sort Steam

Once we have Depressurizer in our system and with all our games available there, it will be enough to make the categories, skipping the first step of making them manually. To do this, we select all the games we want, we left click and we give Add Category y New Category. Once done, we will only have to link it to our Steam account:

  • We open Steam.
  • In Depressurizer we select File and Save Profile.
  • Once this is done, the option “Reset Collections“.
  • We confirm and the new categories lists.


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