Tips For Making a Winning Same Game Parlay


The sports betting industry is no longer simply about looking at point spread and making a bet on an individual game. That is still an option that is available to sports bettors, this industry has evolved and new options have emerged.

One of the latest betting options that has become extremely popular is what is known as a same game parlay. This is a slight twist on a traditional parlay as all of the legs must come from one single game.

Not only is this a new and exciting way to bet on sports, but it can also be a great way to win some money. There are some tips that you need to keep in mind when putting together a same game parlay, and those tips can be found below. 

Focus On a Winner

When you are putting together a same game parlay, you are going to have plenty of ways to go with your bet. You don’t have to pick the winning team when putting together this type of bet, but it is going to make it easier if that is where you start.

Even if you don’t want to include a moneyline or spread betting pick in your same game parlay, you should still make a determination about how that game will go. Figuring out which team you think will win will allow you to formulate the rest of your wager. 

Figure Out Total

Not only is it wise to make a decision about which team will win a game, but it’s also a good idea to make a prediction on the total number of points or runs as well. This is another bet that you don’t necessarily have to make, but it will help guide your later picks.

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For example, if you think that the game will have a large number of runs or points scored then you can bet the over on some of the prop betting options. Similarly, you can bet the under with other parlays if you believe the game will have little scoring. 

Start With Team Props

After you have taken a close look at the traditional betting options for each game, that is when you will want to start digging deeper. Same game parlay bets will have a ton of additional bets that you can add, but looking at team props is the first place that you should start.

Team props will allow you to make predictions on how each team in that game will fare. You don’t want to make a lot of team prop bets, but it would be a good decision to include one or two.

Find Value in Player Props

Depending on the sport that you are betting on, you might want to skip team props and go right into player props. Player prop betting has become extremely popular and common, and those types of bets can be added to a same game parlay.

When you are looking at player props, looking for value is much more important than just finding the bets you think will hit. You should never add a “sure thing” with bad odds, because it might end up costing you in the end. 

Show Some Restraint

There is going to be some pressure to put together the biggest same game parlay possible, and you have to show some restraint. It’s never a good idea to continue adding legs in an effort to increase the potential payout without really focusing on the bets.

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You have to remember that winning a 3-5 leg same game parlay is going to be much more valuable than putting together an eight-leg parlay that loses. 

Do Your Research

Finally, you are going to have to spend time doing some research if you are going to make a winning same game parlay. This is a “requirement” regardless of the betting option that you choose as it’s the only way to make a good decision based on all available information.

You will likely have to do even more research than normal when putting together a same game parlay because there are so many different options to choose from. The amount of research will depend on what legs you are looking at, and how much background knowledge you have.