TMC’s beautiful MP ​​Nusrat Jahan did amazing again, beat Dhaka, see VIDEO

Kolkata: Durgashtami is being celebrated today amidst the Corona period. On this occasion, Nusrat Jahan, the beautiful and well-known MP of the Trinamool Congress (TMC), reached Suruchi Sangh Pandal in Kolkata and duly worshiped Mother Durga and took her blessings. On the occasion of Durgashtami, Nusrat Jahan saw Maa Durga and also performed aarti. During this time, he danced the traditional playing instrument Dhaka (Dholak) in Pandal and also played it with Dhakis. Also Read – TMC MP Nusrat Jahan, who danced to the beat of Dhaka after the worship of Mother Durga, see photos

News agency ANI has released some pictures and videos, in which Nusrat Jahan Suruchi is visiting Mata in the Sangh’s pandal. Here Nusrat worships and then dances to the tune of Dhaka. It can be seen in the video that some devout women are dancing to the tune of Dhaka and then Nusrat in the middle where they accompany them. After that, she tries her hand at Dhaka too and tries to beat the rhythm. Also Read – Crispy Jalebi Recipe: Make Crispy-Tasty Jalebi at home during Durga Puja, follow these steps

Let us tell you that last year Nusrat Jahan went to the pandal on the occasion of Durga Puja after her marriage and also participated in ‘Sindoor Khela’. There was a lot of controversy on this as well. Nusrat then said that she respects people of all religions. ‘Sindoor Khela’ is the traditional purpose of Bengal in which women apply vermilion to each other from head to nose and distribute sweets.

Explain that due to Corona, Dhaka was not allowed to be taken to the pandal, but in the past, the court has amended its orders to allow the dhaki (dholakia) to stay within the no-entry zone of the pandals. They have to follow all safety and hygiene protocols.

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