To Be A Real Heroine Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know


To Be A Real Heroine Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Maybe you should get closer to somebody you like? Everyone has this as their common desire, thus you have to catch To Become A Real Heroine, one of the best anime series to watch in the spring of 2022.

The songs from the digital idol anime duet LIPxLIP served as the inspiration for this original animation series. It centres on a young woman named Hiyori Suzumi who decides to leave her hometown in order to pursue her goals.

She has to find a part-time occupation to make ends meet so she can survive outdoors. She advances in her career and ends up managing the renowned band LIPxLIP.

This animation, produced by the Lay-duce studio and set in high school, is all about the challenges of juggling coworkers and classmates.

Its uniqueness and ability to pique our interest in the next episodes, in contrast to other anime series inspired by Manga, do not come from being influenced or adapted by any of those other series. The perplexity in Yoshimi Narita’s anime may be compared to that of any other high school.

Its subtitle, To be a genuine heroine, refers to the aspirations of a girl who achieves success while overcoming obstacles to pursue her goals in life. Let’s discuss its release date, actors, storyline, and streaming service now.

The music created by animated idol duo LIPxLIP served as the inspiration for this original animation series. Hiyori Suzumi, the protagonist, uproots herself from her village to pursue her aspirations.

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She has to work part-time to get the money she needs to survive outdoors. She is taking on the role of executive assistant of the well-known duet LIPxLIP on this tour.

This high school-set animation by Studio Lay-duce is about how challenging it is to find employment part-time alongside peers.

Because it isn’t based on or altered from any of them, it differs from other anime that are based on Manga. This makes it intriguing and piques our curiosity about what will happen next.

When you comes to great anime, anime opening titles are crucial. HoneyWorks’ song “Heroine Tarumono!” serves as the inspiration for the anime series.

In Being a Real Heroine, a strong musical number is just as crucial as the storyline! performed a great job of keeping us entertained with the greatest musical movements.

While we bid adieu to all the shows we watched in 2021, we are getting ready for some brand-new programmes to premiere the following year.

Since the majority of production companies have already announced their upcoming releases here, we have one of those fresh releases for the year 2022 for you.

To Be A Real Heroine Release Date

This high school love story is entertaining to see. to really embody a heroine! In Japan, the unpopular girl with secrets assignment was made available on April 7.

On that day, the pilot episode was released, and the rest followed. However, once it was eventually made available everywhere, the admirers from other countries had to hold back a bit more of their joy.

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To Be A Real Heroine Cast

  • Juri Hattori
  • Chizuru Nakamura
  • Nagisa Shiranami
  • Hina Setoguchi
  • Kotarō Enomoto
  • Arisa Takamizawa
  • Ken Shibasaki
  • Kōdai Yamamoto
  • Sena Narumi

To Be A Real Heroine Trailer

To Be A Real Heroine Plot

We were captivated by the first season’s 11 episodes. Hiyori Suzumi, a high school student who lives on the outer edges of her hometown, is the subject of this high school anime.

She has lofty goals for herself and is willing to work towards them, just like the rest of us. She works really hard to achieve her goal of fame.

She is also quite passionate about running. These are all traits that other young girls may identify with.

She must leave her little village and relocate to a major metropolis in order to give her aspirations wings and accomplish great things in life since she currently lives in the country.

She enrols at a prestigious high school from the major metropolis and selects it for the purpose. She also intends to join the track team since she just loves jogging.

Getting signed up for the athletic group is something else she did to stand out and attract attention from her new peers.

Then, in order to manage everything and have money to exist in the large metropolis, she starts looking for a part-time job.

She manages to get a part-time position as a manager-in-training via her luck and diligence. It’s for the LIP-LIP high school idol unit.

They include a boy band with well-liked members Yuujirou Someya as well as Aizou Shibasaki. They are the girls’ classmates, much to my astonishment.

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As she attempts to balance employment, school, and pursuing her aspirations at the same time, things get challenging for her.

She encounters several instances along the course where she must behave bravely and courageously in order to realise her aspirations.

Hiyori Suzumi, 15, goes from her coastal village to Tokyo after only finishing middle school in order to pursue her ambition of becoming a field and track runner.

She unfortunately encounters an impending issue as soon as the new high school year starts, which finally forces her to take part-time employment in order to pay her living expenses.

Hiyori finds a job ad for event personnel after researching through a plethora of potential employers, and against all chances, she is hired.

She will reportedly serve as a manager-in-training of LIPxLIP, a budding male idol duo that includes her classmates Yuujirou Someya with Aizou Shibasaki.

Despite this unexpected finding, Hiyori is determined to manage her academics, her career goals, and—most importantly—her responsibilities as LIPxLIP’s attendant.