To the absence of 4K, series and movies are added without dubbing into Spanish or subtitles


A few weeks ago we reviewed the first two months of HBO Max. The summary of our impressions was clear: HBO Max improved everything to its predecessor, HBO Spain, and along with small details compared to the competition, it had a serious flaw: the lack of 4K content. However, since then, and although we briefly reviewed it at the time, we have seen a problem flourish that is even greater than the lack of Ultra High Definition.

And it is nothing other than neglect of many series and movies in terms of availability of subtitle and audio language. Let’s see how many users are being unable to see the content they want to be able to see as they would like, and as in most cases used to guarantee HBO Spain and how do other platforms. Something is up at HBO Max, because a month after talking about translation errors in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air titles, the problem is still unfixed.

From non-existent dubbing, to poorly labeled, through chapters without subtitles

Bel Air Principe Hbo Max

More than a month ago we published the news of the disastrous translations of chapter titles of ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’. Everything remains the same today.

The complaint to HBO Max about how it is managing the availability of dubbing and subtitles is constant. You just have to Take a look at the Twitter mentions of your @HBOMaxEs account to check it out. But the serious thing is that what is happening is not in old or little-seen titles, but between the news of the platform for the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022.

The case about which we have read the most complaints is that of “Station Eleven”, the latest HBO Max jewel for 2021, and which will just be broadcast these days. The content has not disappointed, but how it has been launched has. There have been complaints from the beginning. It is not promised anywhere, but there is an unwritten law that says that when a platform launches content in a certain country, it should arrive with original and dubbed audio, along with the same in subtitles.

The problem is that when it was released, as recognized by the company itself, made no spanish subtitles, admitting that “As a general rule, subtitles in Spanish appear 24 hours after their premiere.“. 24 hours later, they still weren’t available. Also, we’ve been able to talk to translators, and they’ve told us that HBO asks for subtitles pretty quickly, and that they’re delivered before the content is released. I mean, they might as well be published at the rate of the premiere of the chapters. If it were not so, the platform could indicate it in some way instead of exposing itself to meaningful criticism from its users.

Hbo Max Idioma

Chapter broadcast 13 days ago that does not have subtitles in any language, and that has Latin audio marked as “Castilian” audio

But things don’t end with the premiere of ‘Estación Once’. There have been problems with audio and subtitles in practically all the chapters, which leads some users to consider downloading the series to watch it as they want, even having a subscription to HBO Max. At the time of writing this article, on Wednesday, January 12, chapter 7 of ‘Eleventh Station’ appears as available with English and Spanish audio. That chapter was broadcast on December 30, that is, two weeks ago. The problem is that it is not Castilian, but Latin Spanish, and there is no way to change it. Also, there are no subtitles in any language. All this would be more understandable if it were not an original HBO Max series, but not only is it, but it is a star bet this season.

There have been so many problems with ‘Eleventh Station’ since its release that some paying HBO Max subscribers are considering downloading it off the platform.

In the third season of ‘What we do in the shadows’, there are users who carry months waiting be able to see chapters 7, 8 and 9 dubbed. The tenth is there. It is inexplicable when we are not even talking about premieres.

What We Do In Shadows HBO Max

Moving on to other examples, in ‘Selena+Chef’ there is dubbing but no subtitles in Spanish in episodes of its first season. Yes in the second and third chapters.

Selena Hbo Max

And there is much more. ‘Crazy, Stupid, Love’ is only in English without subtitles or audio in Spanish. ‘Landscapers’ is not in the original version. In the fifth season of ‘Gomorra’, chapters 5, 6, 7 and 8 do not have dubbing in Spanish, but the later ones do. In ‘Vota Juan’, which is one of its star titles at the launch in Spain, it does not have subtitles in Spanish, but it does have in English.

This is how Netflix has translated the Andalusian expression "my weapon" in its English dubbing and subtitles

It is not justifiable considering that other chapters have subtitles in Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, etc.. For this reason, because when everything works correctly it is seen that the objective of HBO Max is to have a lot of availability of languages ​​in subtitles and at least of the original and the Spanish dubbing in audio, it is something to criticize when it is missing. There are also no Spanish subtitles in ‘Magnolia’, nor dubbing into Spanish or Latin Spanish in ‘Batman Begins’, despite being a 2005 film and distributed by Warner, owner of HBO Max.

The list grows and grows if we keep looking, something that does not make sense, because the problem is more than documented. HBO Max is a paid service that has brought huge advances over HBO. However, in what we have reviewed there have been significant setbacks. We do not know the causes, if it is due to some technical problem due to the premiere of the new technological platform. We have contacted HBO Max Spain and this is what they have communicated to us about it:

“We have no more comments than those that are shared on networks from our official accounts. The team works constantly to solve incidents and improve the service every day.”

It is probably a matter of waiting for the platform to stabilize, but the reality today is that there are many people unable to view content (of the highest quality, as HBO is used to) in the way they would like, and for which they pay 8.99 euros per month (slightly less with discounts).


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