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To whom did Facundo Campazzo dedicate his best play in the NBA?

Facundo Campazzo’s move

Facundo Campazzo He lives a dream from which he does not want to wake up. It stands out in its first season in the NBA and every time he plays he is usually in the news on his merits. In yesterday’s game where your set, Denver Nuggets, beat Oklahoma City Thunder 119-101, the Cordoba player provided an assist that was selected as the best play of the day. Such an achievement had a special dedication and the 29-year-old guard offered it to his mother.

For the first time, he topped the daily ranking of the best plays. On his Twitter account, Facundo wrote “I arrived, @maryavedano”. The user is her mother who must have been excited again. A pampering to the soul. The feeling is daily and in particular when Facundo plays every game in the most important basketball league on the planet.

Yet another reason to be very proud of your son. He knows all the sacrifice he made to reach the top of the sport. An objective that perhaps sounded like a utopia in the days of the Cordovan clubs Municipal de Córdoba and Unión Eléctrica. Although with the passage of time that desire took shape. Since his decision to emigrate to Peñarol de Mar del Plata, where he began his path in the National League. Then came his pass to Spain and success at Real Madrid that catapulted him to the American pinnacle. Today is a reality and it shows in every game that it has the possibility. Facu doesn’t give away a second to fully exploit beyond he’s in an adaptation period.


In the match on Tuesday night that the 7th of the Argentine national team stole a ball in defense and came out fast on a counterattack, pursued by a rival. Arriving at the key from where the free throws are taken, Campazzo chose not to continue his run to the basket. In a thousandth he analyzed that an opponent could block him. Or perhaps, he saw what the rest did not even notice his maneuver, and decided to pass the ball to a better positioned teammate.

Without looking, then, but with the court in his head, he gave the pass backwards, spike and between his legs, surprised his rival and left the way free to another point guard, Monté Morris, who specified with a layup.

Although the coach of the team, Michael Malone, takes the Cordovan little by little, who every time he has to enter, shows that he can play longer. Campazzo spent 18 minutes on the court yesterday where he scored with 3 points, 1 assist and 1 steal. So far, during his 13 appearances with the Nuggets, the Argentine player has averaged 4.5 points per game and 1.4 assists in around 12.6 minutes per game.

For now, his mother Mary, the rest of his family, friends and all the Argentines who closely follow Campazzo’s campaign, will be able to see him again this Friday in the Nuggets’ clash against the Phoenix Suns (televising of ESPN). According to what he is wearing on the playing field, Facundo will have several dedications to offer.

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