Today, the President will reach India from America, the second VVIP aircraft deployed under PM’s security

New Delhi The President of India, the Prime Minister of India, will now get even more tight security in the country and abroad during all the visits. The second VVIP aircraft of the Boeing 777 aircraft designed to protect the President, Vice President and Prime Minister of India is reaching India from the US today. This aircraft has taken off from America and can reach India at any time. The first Boeing 777 aircraft arrived in India in October. Two years ago, in 2018, India had a deal with the US for these aircraft. Also Read – Many colors seen in PM Modi’s rally in Bihar, most important – two yards is still necessary

India had a deal with the Boeing company of America to get these aircraft customized. After which its first aircraft reached India on October 1 and now its second aircraft has also flown to India. In comparison to the first aircraft, some changes have also been made according to the security requirements. Let me tell you, this aircraft has been named Air India One, which will now be deployed under the protection of the country’s President, Vice President and Prime Minister. Also Read – Bihar Assembly Election 2020: PM Modi has 3 rallies in Bihar today, Nitish will also accompany

Let me tell you, the company was supposed to hand over the aircraft to India in July, but due to the corona virus epidemic, it got delayed. After which the first aircraft of Air India One reached India in October. Also Read – Uproar over Delhi-Goa flight claims of being ‘terrorist’, police arrested passenger

These aircraft were previously part of the commercial fleet of Air India, but later it was revamped for VVIP travel with necessary changes. It is customized in Dallas, USA. The price of the purchase and reconstruction of these two aircraft is being said to be 8,400 crores.

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