Todd Howard admits the mistakes of Fallout 76 and that the same would not have happened under Xbox


Todd Howard, Fallout 76 executive producer and mind behind the franchise, has acknowledged in a recent interview with PC Gamer that the game was riddled with errors upon launch. Literally, she comments that there were few things she didn’t get screwed up on.

When the game was released there were a lot of problems, we disappointed a lot of people and, well, there were few things we didn’t screw up on, honestly.

The situation would have changed right now, under the aegis of Xbox

The most curious thing is that Todd Howard states that this amount of problems experienced in Fallout 76 would not have happened right now, under the protection of Xbox thanks to the agreement that has led the American company and Bethesda to work together.

The author also affirms that he is very excited about this new stage and hopes that both companies can do great things together. The union was officially materialized recently and we have already seen the first effects, such as the arrival of 20 Bethesda games to Xbox Game Pass today.

Fallout 76 was initially marked by its performance problems and multiple bugs, which have been corrected through updates and content packs over the months and years. Today, as Howard comments in the interview, “is one of the most played Xbox games“.

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