Todd Howard hinted at Bethesda’s Indiana Jones game months ago


Today a video game of Indiana Jones which will be developed by MachinesGames (Bethesda), under the supervision of Todd Howard. But now it turns out that Howard himself could have actually anticipated it two months earlier, in November 2020.

The thing is, speaking to Geoff Keighley in November of last year, Todd Howard seemed to have the Ark and the Indiana Jones Idol Raiders of the Lost Ark propped up on a bookshelf that was behind him (as you can see in the tweet below ).

It’s reminiscent of how Phil Spencer recently appeared in interviews with the then-unannounced Xbox Series S sitting behind him. There’s little chance anyone connected those dots, but it seems like we missed an obvious clue all this time. Cunning Todd.

On the Bethesda blog, Pete Hines, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing, said: “Todd is a lifelong Indy fan and has been trying for over a decade to make this game. He is beyond excited to be working with the award-winning team at MachineGames, a perfect fit for Indy.”.

Todd Howard had the Ark and the Idol on his shelf in November.

As for the Indiana Jones game itself, at the moment we only know that it will be an independent adventure set at the height of the character’s career, and is being developed by MachineGames (Wolfenstein: The New Order).

Additionally, it is the first game announced as part of the revamped Lucasfilm Games brand, which will collect games from multiple developers under a single label, covering games from the Star Wars galaxy and beyond. Therefore, it would not be ruled out that there are still more announcements of projects with this seal in the coming months. We will be attentive to tell you any news about it.

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