Tom Brady’s crazy celebration after winning a new NFL title: he threw the trophy of more than 50 thousand dollars from one yacht to another


Videos of Tom Brady throwing the trophy 1

He beat him over time and is the record man in American football. After winning his seventh Super Bowl and ratifying his status as Lord and Lord in the NFL, Tom Brady had a particular celebration. As if he were in the middle of the game and emulating the oval of this sport, the quarterback of Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the team that achieved its second title, took the mythical Vince Lombardi trophy and made a pass from yacht to yacht towards his partner, Rob Gronkowski.

After the game that they beat the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday by 31 to 9, the Buccaneers players had their well-deserved celebration and this Wednesday, without the usual crowd due to the COVID-19 pandemic, although accompanied by some people, whom they The presence of the kings of the NFL drew attention, who celebrated on board some luxurious champagne boats in Tampa Bay and it was then that Brady lost control to the astonishment of his own teammates.

TB12 took the Vince Lombardi trophy and threw it to Gronkowski who was on another yacht. A touchdown pass and, just in case, one of his favorite receivers was also ready to receive it, Mike Evans, who in the first video is heard screaming in a crazy way.

Videos of Tom Brady throwing the trophy 2

While Brady is not affected by his 43 years and is going for more, since he will play next season in which he will receive 25 million dollars only as base salary with Tampa Bay.

Regarding the trophy in question, far from the luxuries of other sports and despite being the Super Bowl one of the most important events on the planet, Vince Lombardi lacks diamonds, gold or any other type of precious stone. The NFL pointed out something else and it is a base with a football on top and everything is the same color in sterling silver and is completed by hand.

It is made by master craftsmen who are experts in ancient goldsmithing techniques, it is 56 cm high and weighs 3.2 kg. It has the name of the trophy engraved just like the NFL shield and it takes approximately four months and 72 hours to complete its work, in all its different design areas.

Each year a new trophy is made, as the winning team keeps the one it receives at the time of its triumph. It is valued at more than $ 50,000 and each player on the winning team receives a smaller-scale replica valued at $ 1,400.. Brady already has seven and one of them is the one he tossed into the water.

The champion trophy is named after Vince Lombardi because it was he who at the helm of Green Bay won the first two Super Bowls in history and died in 1970 after failing to overcome colon cancer. His lifetime regular season record is 96-34-6 and in the Playoffs he achieved an incredible 9-1 record, closing a total of 105 wins, 35 losses and 6 draws.

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