Tom Hanks Says That An Ai Version Of Him Was Used Without His Permission In An Ad For A Dental Plan


Tom Hanks Says That An Ai Version Of Him Was Used Without His Permission In An Ad For A Dental Plan:

Tom Hanks has told his admirers that an advertisement for a dental plan that looks like it uses his picture is fake and was made with AI. In a message to his 9.5 million Instagram fans, the star said that his picture had been utilized without his permission.

“WATCH OUT!! There’s a movie out there alongside an AI version of me marketing some dentist plans. Hanks wrote over a picture of a computer-generated image of himself from the clip, “I have nothing to do with it.”

Adding, “I have nothing to do alongside it,” he signed his name and left. It’s not clear where the movie came from or what health plan it was trying to sell. Representatives for Hanks did not respond right away when asked for more information.

The Oscar winner has been concerned regarding the use of AI in movies and TV shows before, but he hasn’t been afraid to say yes to digitally changed versions of himself within movies.

The Computer-Animated Christmas Movie From 2004 A Cgi Image Of Hanks Was Used In The Polar Express:

Hanks was made out of computer-generated imagery (CGI) in the 2004 Christmas movie The Polar Express. He was also made to look younger in parts of the 2022 movie A Man Named Otto.

The star of “Sleepless in Seattle” has talked about how dangerous artificial intelligence as well as deepfakes can be in the past. Within May, he was invited to appear on the “Adam Buxton Podcast” and talked about how AI might change movies within the future.

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Hanks told British comic Adam Buxton on his show upon April 18, just days prior to the Hollywood writers’ strike began, “We saw this coming,” he said of AI.

We knew that the ones and zeros inside a machine would be able to be turned into a face as well as a figure. Since then, this has grown by a billion times, and we can see it everywhere.

Last Week, The Us Writers’ Strike Was Over:

“I can tell you that all of the groups, all of the agencies, and every one of the law companies are talking about the legal implications of my face and voice and everyone else’s being our intellectual property.

Hanks said, “I could get hit through a bus tomorrow and that would be it, but my shows can go endlessly on and on.” “And unless you know it was done by AI as well as deepfake, there will be no way to know it wasn’t just me,” he said.

“Right now, if I needed to, I might put together a proposal for a series of seven movies in which I would remain 32 years old until the end of time.

With AI or deepfake technology, anyone can now make a copy of themselves at any age. The US writers’ strike finished last week. One of the main worries was that AI could hurt the work of artists if it wasn’t kept in check.

The Alliance Of Motion Picture As Well As Television And The Writers Guild Of America Came To A Deal:

The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television and the Writers Guild of America made a deal that limits how AI can be used in movies and TV shows.

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Robin Williams’s daughter, Zelda Williams, also spoke out against AI on October 1. She said on her story on Instagram that she’s heard from individuals wanting to make AI models of stars “who cannot consent” to it, such as her father, who died in 2014.

She wrote, “This isn’t just an idea; it’s very, very real.” “I’ve already heard AI utilized to get his “voice” to say whatever individuals want, which makes me uncomfortable, but the effects are much bigger than that.” But Sag-Aftra, the union for Hollywood actors, is still on strike, so most shows can’t get back to work.

Oprah Winfrey Told Her Fans In October 2022 That Her Name And Picture Were In An Ad For Weight Loss Sweets:

A few months following the writers’ strike, the actors went on strike over pay and concerns about how AI could be used to make illegal copies of actors. There are hopes that the deal between the writers and the studios could help bring an end to the Hollywood performers’ strike.

Oprah Winfrey told her fans in October 2022 that her name and picture were in an advertisement for weight loss sweets. She put up a video upon Instagram saying that she didn’t support the product.

“I have nothing to do alongside diet sweets or pills, and I don’t want people misusing my identity to take advantage of you. So please know I don’t have any sweets to help you lose weight,” she said.

She Wrote, “Beware Of Fraud! Please Don’t Buy Any Sweets That Say My Name Or Have My Picture On Them:

She wrote “Fraud alert!” in the description. Please don’t buy any sweets that say my name or have my picture on them. There have been fake ads on social media, emails, and websites, and I want you to know that I had nothing to do alongside them.

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Tom Hanks will use a tool from Metaphysic to play a younger version of his character in Robert Zemeckis’s new movie Here, which will come out next year.

The AI company said that it can make “high-resolution photorealistic face swaps as well as de-aging effects on top of actors’ performances live as well as in real time without requiring for further compositing for VFX work.”