Tom Hardy is making a new Netflix thriller


Tom Hardy join forces with Gareth Evans, director of Criminal Raid (and its sequel) to create a new thriller for Netflix what will be called Havoc, as reported by THR.

Evans will serve as a writer, director and co-producer on the project along with Hardy himself.

Havoc invites us to follow Hardy as a detective who manages in a criminal world behind a drug cartel, who will have to rescue the son of a politician and discover the extent of the corruption of the city. Something already familiar to Evans, who explored the world of crime in Indonesia in both Criminal Raid films.

Filming would begin in June, possibly in Wales, where Evans already shot in 2018 Netflix’s cult horror film Apostle.

Evans is known for his action style, choreography, and personality that he brings to his films. Criminal Raid launched Iko Uwais into a martial arts career. They helped introduce Pencak Silat, an Indonesian style of martial arts. Now, Hardy fans will just have to wait to have him back on screen on the platform … when will we see him as Venom again?

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