Tom Holland confirms news of Uncharted: The Movie for this week


The long-awaited movie of Uncharted It won’t hit theaters around the world until July 16, 2021. And the wait is getting even longer due to the lack of material on it. For this reason, the message that Tom Holland (who will play the charismatic Nathan Drake in the film) has given today has created many expectations.

Thus, the popular actor has confirmed that there will be news about the project this week. Specifically, next Thursday, January 14, 2021. And although its message is almost as cryptic as the puzzles that Drake usually faces, everything suggests that it could be the first official trailer.

As you can see, the news has come through a tweet by Tom Holland, which the journalist Roberto Serrano has echoed. Why do we mention your message? The reason is as simple as the fact that it clearly mentions the trailer.

And although that assumption is quite logical on the part of anyone, it could well be that he had information on the subject. In any case, Holland’s message only refers to the date, so we do not really know what it is, nor a more specific time in which to wait for the information.

On the other hand, although at this point it is difficult to make forecasts, with the pandemic situation we are experiencing, the truth is that there is hope that the film can meet its deadlines. Not surprisingly, Tom Holland himself recently commented that production was progressing quite satisfactorily. You can read his statements here.

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