Tony Hawk’s spectacular 720 at age 52 that is all the rage on social media: “I can’t imagine doing many more”


Tony Hawk did a 720 at age 52

The name of Tony Hawk became synonymous with skateboarding for a generation. His unmatched performance on the table was combined with a video game saga with his face. Millions of children around the world had in the man of California a paradigm of this discipline. The years passed, but this pioneer continues to speak for his tests to the 52 years.

From his official Twitter account, which brings together more than 4 million followers, Hawk shared what could be his last 720 and the video became a real furor. After recording six unsuccessful attempts, with falls of different types, he managed to complete the test perfectly and decided to show it to his followers.

I recently did a 720 and it was a battle. The last one I did before this it was more than three years ago, and it’s much more difficult now all things considered: recently dislocated fingers make my grip difficult, my turn is slower so I need to go higher for a full rotation and … I’m very old”, He wrote in his networks accompanying the filming. The post had more than 30 thousand replies and accumulated a figure of more than 200 thousand likes in the first hours.

In the scenes he shared you can see the genuine emotion that comes with being able to achieve this test. Once he finishes it, he flips his board and his helmet while screaming in euphoria. It is also taken from the head surprised. “No I can say for sure that this is the last one I will do, but I can’t imagine doing many more. So I offer this table to raise funds for public skate parks ”, he detailed in his post, trying to turn this exam into a boost for the discipline.

1999: Tony Hawk achieves the first 900

Many fans hallucinated with what Tony Hawk did and treated him as a “legend”, among other multiple accolades. The sports symbol He went down in history in June 1999 when he successfully achieved the first 900 – two and a half laps in the air – documented in history. during the XGames that year after a dozen attempts. That mythical brand was left in the golden pages and he decided to bring up the evidence in June 2016, when He repeated it at age 48 for a new anniversary of the feat: that video has more than 11 million views on YouTube currently.

The name of the athlete is synonymous with successes on the table, but it is also the face of a whole machinery at the media level. His appearances in different series or television shows gave his figure the definitive framework of myth, something that ended up completely feeding the machinery of the video game. The first edition met the light in that magical 1999 with him “Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater”. The versions were published year after year with singular success and the fashion continued until these days: in 2020 a remake of the initial installments was released with “Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2″ para PlayStation 4, XBox One y PC.

Tony Hawk’s 900 at 48


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