Top 15 Most Dangerous Video Game Movies Ever


Top 15 Most Dangerous Video Game Movies Ever:

Fans of the greatest death game television shows and movies can almost feel like they’re in the game with the players, taking risks with them. Think about this: You don’t know where you are because you just woke up in a strange room.

A voice comes through a speaker to start the game. What is the point of the game? No matter what it takes, get out alive. When it first aired in September 2021, Squid Game shocked everyone. But that shock has worn off, and we haven’t heard much about Season 2 of the show.

The story is mostly about a game with a big prize that most people are ready to die for. Four hundred and fifty-six people step up to play a set of children’s games with a dangerous twist. The huge prize is $45.6 billion. To sum up, the show is completely relatable and takes an honest look at what it means to be human.

Ready Or Not:

The Le Domas family became very rich from the board games, but they harbor a dark secret: they are cursed. When a new family member comes home, they have to take a card out of a puzzle box as well as play the game it says.

The outcome is usually harmless, but if someone plays hide and seek, the family has to find them and kill them. This is, of course, the card Grace pulls on the night she marries into the family.

In the end, Grace welcomes dawn on the exterior of the burning family home. By this time, blood covers Grace, turning her into a bride. The rest of the Le Domas family doesn’t have as much luck. If someone doesn’t die at Grace’s hand, they just blow up when they don’t keep their end of the curse.

Battle Royale:

Let’s start with one of the best and bloodiest games on this list. The idea of Battle Royale will get you excited, but it will additionally make you feel like you want to run away.

42 ninth-graders are left alone on an island in the Japanese movie, which is based on a book with the same name. If the ninth-graders do not follow instructions, the collars around their necks will go off.

What instructions are they given? To use any tool possible to kill each other as well as stay alive. Even though it sounds like a pointless horror movie, the ending is very deep. It demonstrates how far people are willing to go to stay alive.

Focus more on the gameplay of this deadly game rather than its reasons for happening. As the events of Battle Royale happen, you will hardly have time to catch your breath.

Death Race 2000:

Once again, a grim future unfolds, accompanied by yet another televised death game that captivates the masses. In Death Race 2000, there is a story about a TV show that the U.S. government made to keep people from thinking about how bad things are in their country while it is rebuilding.

The crazy characters in Death Race 2000, like Frankenstein as well as Joe “Machine Gun” Viterbo, made the game more fun. Death Race 2000 stands out from other death game films due to its over-the-top nature and trend-setting elements.

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Death Race 2000, which came out in 1975, was one of the first movies of its type and paved the way for other movies that followed. The movie never took itself too seriously, and it made some interesting points about rebelling against society.

Escape Room:

Check for encrypted invites. Check for dangerous games. Check for dangerous games. A big prize that is incredibly enticing, check. Escape Room is without a doubt the best comparison for Squid Game fans to look into.

With direction from Adam Robitel, the psychological horror film shows what happens when six very different people meet at the Minos Escape Room Facility.

With the $10,000 prize on the line, they start a number of mind-bending games that test their abilities and do a lot more. Undoubtedly, this one is somewhat soiled and revolting, but it will undoubtedly provide you with that Squid Game buzz.

Physical: 100:

Physical 100 is a reality competition show that is a lot like Squid Game, but without the bloody deaths as well as string-pulling behind the scenes. In short, 100 hopefuls fight against each other for different tasks. The show sends the losers home, while the winners advance to the next round.

The Korean show puts a lot of value on having the perfect body. The show casts bodybuilders, MMA fighters, military personnel, and others as intense, ripped Adonises with muscles that have muscles.

The battle is tough, and strongmen vs. dancers is just one of many sports on show. It also makes me think of the famous Jean-Claude Van Damme movie, Bloodsport. There will be a real Squid Game TV show, but Physical: 100 came out first, and there are no stories that people almost died while playing in it.

Would You Rather:

Shepard Lambrick is a rich “philanthropist,” and he has invited the cast of Would You Rather to his home alongside the promise of a big payout. Each person wants the money for different reasons, and they are all there to play his little parlor game.

Iris, played by Brittany Snow, is our main character. She has been told she has enough money to take care of her leukemia-stricken brother and that Lambrick will use his many connections to locate a bone marrow donor.

As soon as the game starts, everyone quickly realizes that the stakes are much higher than they thought and that only one of them will make it out alive.

Those attempting to leave the game early met a swift demise. After a series of bad luck, Iris finally makes it back to claim her prize, only to discover that it was all for nothing when she gets home.

The Condemned:

This movie is a mindless, guilty pleasure. WWE pictures made this movie and it stars “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, who used to be in WWE. A wealthy TV producer buys Austin’s character, a man on death row.

He sends him to an island alongside nine other prisoners. Then there is a broadcast fight for life. Even though Austin doesn’t have good acting skills, The Condemned is still fun to watch because of his swagger. It has all the turns and twists you’d expect from a death-game movie.

The Running Man:

In accordance with Stephen King’s book of the same name, The Running Man is about a police helicopter pilot named Ben Richards who is suspected of killing a lot of people. He gets out of jail with the help of two guys after being sent to prison, but he is caught in the end.

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Then, Richards gets the chance to commute his sentence by participating in a cruel TV show where he must evade armed hired guns. When it came out, both reviewers and fans weren’t too excited about The Running Man.

The movie isn’t perfect, but it has had an obvious effect on other movies that have come after it. Every movie viewer can enjoy The Running Man because it has all the usual Arnold stuff.

The Belko Experiment:

That was a bad day at work. That’s what the Belko Experiment has its foundation on. Not only are 80 workers stuck within their office building, they also have to play a number of dangerous games to stay alive.

They think that a strange voice over the radio gave them 30 minutes to kill two workers, which is what got them into this mess. This bad turn of events turns friends against each other and brings together unexpected allies along the way. Being the best is what it all comes down to in the end.


This show for young adults came on Amazon Prime Video before Squid Game. It only had one season, yet if you’re interested in the idea of people being ready to die to get a huge sum of money that could change their lives, you should still watch it.

It takes place in Carp, Texas, a small town with no way out. High school students who are about to graduate participate in a game called “Panic” every summer, completing dangerous tasks to win $50,000, enough money to escape Carp.

It’s not as good as Squid Game and is meant for a smaller group of young adults, but it shows that the themes of economic despair in Squid Game are just as important in the U.S. as they are within South Korea.

In Time:

In Time imagines a future where genetic engineering stops people from getting older at age 25 and lets them live forever. Only time is worth anything in this world. People can sell their time for goods and services, and they all have a clock on their arm that ticks away the minutes until their death.

Rich people can pretty much live forever, but poor people only have enough money to live from day to day, counting upon their next paycheck to keep them alive.

As the main character, played by Justin Timberlake, learns that the system is broken, he plays a high-stakes poker game where his life is on the line because he is playing with the amount of time he has left to live.

As the movie goes on, our hero wins the game and racks up a lot of time, but he learns that it can be lost just as easily as it was won, as well as that changing a system is much harder than being a part of one.


The movie cover for this sci-fi sports movie that came out in the same year as Death Race 2000 says, “Not too long from now, there will be no more wars, yet there will be rollerball.”

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In a future where business is very important, rollerball is everyone’s favorite game to play. This game is unique, fun, and very deadly. Rolling Ball has a lot of rules, which helped the movie’s cult following.

Rollerball has two groups of twelve players each. There are nine roller skaters and three motorcycles on each team. The team then grabs a steel ball just as it starts to roll down a drain. As you might expect, this idea led to a few computer games after the movie came out.

The Platform:

The Platform is a movie that wants to affect people more through its social criticism than through its violence. The story is pretty simple. Prisoners will soon be sent to a tiered facility where they will share a cell with one other person.

What’s the catch? A buffet-style table that sits upon a platform that drops into the room from above and goes down to the next level below is the only place they can get food. There is only so much food on the table. A prisoner placed in the cell at the very bottom will go hungry.

There’s more than sufficient nourishment for everyone in the jail. However, many prisoners genuinely believe that they have paid their dues and deserve to be rewarded due to the hardships they have already endured.

The movie does a good job of showing its point of view without being too heavy-handed. If you like horror movies, you should watch The Platform because it has a unique take on the genre.


There are 50 people who wake up in a dark room at the beginning of Circle, which is both absurd and interesting. To begin with, they have no concept of where they are or why they’re there.

Every two minutes, one person dies, which is the only observable trend. The group soon learns that they are able to vote out strangers to protect their own lives, which is when things start to get interesting.

When people spill their secrets, make friendships, and make sacrifices, they show what kind of people they really are.

All Of Us Are Dead:

South Korean shows about the dead have been big hits around the world, and All of Us Are Dead on Netflix was one of the biggest of them all. It’s the third-most-watched show on Netflix that’s not in English.

The scary drama is about a zombie virus that breaks out at a high school and the students who have to fight flesh-eating monsters, some of whom were just minutes ago their human friends.

Yoon Chan-young, Park Ji-hu, Park Solomon, Cho Yi-hyun, and Lee Yoo-mi star in the show. You may know Lee Yoo-mi from her role as the selfless Player 240 in Squid Game. Based on the webcomic Now at Our School, All of Us Are Dead is a new take on the zombie genre.

Its main characters are teens, and the setting turns normal classes into dangerous battlegrounds. As the virus spreads outside of school, it becomes clearer that the show is exploring topics similar to Squid Game, such as how power can be abused and authority corrupted.