Top 4 Trends to Look for in the Supplement Industry


The supplement industry is surging toward $230 billion in value, but which trends are driving this growth?

Supplements aren’t a new concept. In fact, many supplements contain medicinal herbs that have been used for years in holistic remedies. The supplement industry has successfully capitalized on consumers’ interest in ancient natural treatments.

An interest in ancient remedies is just one trend driving the industry. It also correlates with similar trends driving the wellness and essential oil industries.

Let’s take a closer look at more eye-opening supplement trends.

  1. Turmeric Alternatives

Turmeric is a staple in every holistic pantry, but it’s not the only yellow supplement making a splash. Both spices are popular kitchen spices, but they also offer surprising health benefits.

Both supplements are shown to improve energy, while saffron has demonstrated promise in national obesity treatments. Turmeric is also an anti-inflammatory, which is essential for the fight against obesity.

Look for more saffron-based supplements to hit the market in 2021, along with specialty saffron tea blends.

  1. Make Way for Peptides

Peptides have gradually made their way through the supplement market, but expect them to explode in the coming year. As more consumers scramble for new anti-aging remedies, peptide supplements are quickly becoming a top natural solution.

Peptide supplements are a natural alternative to botox injections, plastic surgery, fillers, and liposuction treatments. Rather, peptides are amino acid chains that build healthy collagen, the same collagen that’s essential for younger-looking skin.

There are different types of peptide supplement formulas, too. For example, this peptide supplement is forumulated to restore your HGH levels, improving muscle growth, mood, memory, and energy.

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Peptides are a win-win for consumers who want to get in shape and improve skin elasticity and youthfulness, providing a powerful anti-aging solution.

  1. The Pivot Toward Mental Heath

2020 has been a record year for mental health awareness. Nearly half of surveyed Americans reported an increase in depression since the onset of Covid-19. This trend is expected to follow into 2021, driving the demand for natural alternatives.

Expect supplements like St. John’s Wart to grow in demand. St. John’s Wart is one of the most popular supplements for nerves, mood balance, and social anxiety. However, it’s shouldn’t be taken with prescribed antidepressants.

As interest in supplements increase with mental health awareness, it’s important for consumers to also consult with their doctor before undergoing a holistic treatment for depression.

As more consumers embrace online shopping, supplement brands must invest in educational marketing to maintain utmost safety.

  1. Go, Go, Go!

Supplements are ideal for busy professionals and students on-the-go. As college grads hustle and network to land the perfect job, they’re seeking quick supplement solutions that last all day.

Expect more growth in supplement-packed meal bars, meal shakes, energy shots, and snacks.

With online delivery skyrocketing across industries, expect busy consumers to order supplement subscription boxes. Subscription models are a huge trend in the supplement industry, and businesses can tailor them to attract consumers across income brackets.

Keep Up with the Supplement Industry

What will the supplement industry look like in a decade? Keep up with the trends to find out! Look for even greater advancements in anti-aging, mood, energy, and inflammation supplements in years to come.

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