Top 5 cryptocurrency mining pools across the globe!


Top 5 cryptocurrency mining pools across the globe!

Regardless of the arrival of many altcoins in the cryptocurrency market, bitcoin is still the leading preferable cryptocurrency when it comes to mining. Over the past ten years, bitcoin has never failed to retain the number 1 title in the cryptocurrency marketplace. 

Besides being a good asset class, it is also famous for being utilized as a new monetary system.  Bitcoin is very popular for its mining network. The interest of novice miners in mining bitcoin will never die as it is in heavy demand. To know the mechanism and dynamics of cryptocurrency trading, check .  Mining pools are also fixing their spotlight with the inclining traction of bitcoin mining. Here is a list of the top 5 cryptocurrencies, specifically bitcoin mining pools. 

Five best bitcoin mining pools!

As per reports, the below listed are the utmost preferred cryptocurrency mining pool. So, let’s have a look. 

Ant Pool!

When it comes to bitcoin mining, everyone is familiar with the Bitcoin mining giant, Bitmain. Bitmain is the leading manufacturer of specialized cryptocurrency mining machines popular ASICs. In addition, the cryptocurrency pool Ant-man is also owned by this organization. In short, Bitmain can dominate the mining industry in every possible way.

 We all know that there are only a few ASIC manufacturers, which is why bitcoin mining is turning into a centralized industry. As per reports, the Ant pool is the number one mining pool in terms of hash rate. The current hash rate generated by the Ant pool alone is 3600 pet hash per second. Therefore, we need more ASIC manufacturers alongside some algorithms in a cryptocurrency network that can limit the use of these mining machines. 

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Ant pool is the topmost bitcoin mining pool in terms of hash rate, and is the second leading mining pool. As per reports, Ant pool generated more than 18% of blocks on the blockchain of this virtual coin; on the other hand, has created more than 16% of blocks on the blockchain. 

As discussed above, centralization is increasing in the mining industry, the company that owns the ant pool also owns BTC. Com. Besides being owned by a similar parental company, these cryptocurrency mining pool dynamics are different. operates on a pay per share methodology, whereas ant pool does not work on this methodology. The current standing of BTC. Com in terms of hash rate is 5.88 Exa hashes. 


Ant pool and BTC.Com came from the same parent company named Bitmain; this proves the extent of centralization in this industry. However, BTC. A different company owns the top. The hash rate standing of this pool is nearly 3100 Petahash. 

BTC. Despite being the newest bitcoin mining pool, the top has created more than 10% blocks on the blockchain in the past half-year. Not only BTC, but one can also mine Bitcoin cash on the BTC. The top mining pool as Bitcoin cash is also a hard fork of the bitcoin network. Bitcoin cash comes into the top 10 cryptocurrencies in terms of market cap. 


Only a few bitcoin mining pools allow you to mine a large diversity of altcoins, and ViaBTC is one of these mining pools. The cryptocurrencies one can mine using the ViaBTC mining pool include ethereum, lite coin, and Monero, Dash and Bitcoin Cash. Via BTC is the four largest cryptocurrency mining pools regarding hash rate. The mining pool added more than 11% of the blocks on the blockchain of bitcoin. This mining pool’s current hash rate generating capability is up to 2.772 exahash per second. 

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Slush is the oldest cryptocurrency mining pool of all. The creator of Slush developed it a decade earlier, and till then, slush alone has mined over 1 million units of this virtual coin. In short, Slush has mined BTCs equivalent to Satoshi Nakamoto holding. Moreover, the cryptocurrency mining pool has added more than 8% of blocks to bitcoin’s blockchain over the past six months. 

Mining is an uncertain and fragile base; the number of blocks created by a mining pool varies based on the difficulty of the cryptocurrency mining network at a particular time.