Top 5 Gaming Apps for Macs


Top 5 Gaming Apps for Macs

Apple is constantly coming up with new and stylish ideas for its hardware. The best gaming apps underline this combination of technology and originality.

It is a hugely competitive market, responsible for generating millions of dollars in revenue for Apple and other app developers.

Although Macs can be termed PCs as they are in effect personal computers, most tech lovers draw a distinct line between the two. Macs are their own entity, and PCs are generally everything else.

This is also true of Apples mobile devices, with iPhones and iPads being different in design and capabilities from android mobile phone and tablets.

While Macs are not traditionally known for their gaming titles, game app developers have recently set their sights on Macs. This is for the good reason that iOS punches well above its weight in revenue given its market share.

Apple has a smaller percentage of the market but leads the way in revenue generation.

As the gaming sector continues to grow to encompass high earners, this shift looks set to continue.

Here are 5 of the best gaming apps for macs.

  1. Portal 2

Anyone looking for the best apps for their Macs can check out the Mac App Store. Once there, a user can discover top games such as Portal 2.The near-legendary puzzle game is a delightful presentation of everything Macs can do so well. The classic game has won fans the world over with a compelling mixture of visual stimulation and audio composition.

First appearing in 2011, the game has the longevity and unique appeal that has made it a significant success. It is sure to find a place in the libraries of the most discerning of Mac gamers.

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During 2021 the game continues to record high levels of downloads.

  1. 888 Poker

    888 poker offers users a fantastic array of poker excitement via the app.

    The award-winning application provides a wealth of gaming excitement to Mac users. All of the excellent games and features are available with a click on the app store.

Poker games such as Texas Hold ‘em, 7 Card Stud and Omaha Hi-Lo are always available to download and enjoy. Players can also compete for top prizes in superb competitions via the app.

Anyone looking for a fast and frenetic poker fix would be well advised to log into the possibilities of Snap Poker on the app.

Taking away the need for waiting for your turn, Snap Poker is a fast-fold game that means you can instantly fold a bad hand. You can then get the next one straight away, and continue with your game. It’s easy to play and enjoy and is one of the prime offerings of the Mac poker app.

All of the features are fully compatible with Macs and are designed with pure entertainment in mind.

  1. Civilisation VI

    With new technology soon to be unveiled by Apple at its annual developer’s conference, many hope that more power will be offered to gamers.

A game such as Civilisation VI is perfectly placed to showcase new processing power and visual competencies.

The game is the latest in the remarkably successful series of strategy games. A long-running franchise dating back to 1991, the game is based on guiding a civilization from its beginnings to a place of power. Players have to negotiate trade, warfare and scientific discovery to go through the various stages of history.

The sixth in the series features brand new downloadable content and a higher resolution count in the rendering and display of video and animation.

Civilisation VI offers a powerful and stimulating game for Mac users to uncover.

  1. Disco Elysium

Many believe that Disco Elysium is one of the best adventure games ever made. Operating like a 21st Century update on old ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ stories, the plot of the game puts the player in the role of a detective with no memory.

The player begins the game in a wrecked hotel room with no idea how or why they got there. The frankly confusing set-up is added to by the discovery of a body hanging in the backyard.

By meeting non-player characters and engaging them in conversation and questions, players are tasked with discovering just what is going on.

Mixing noir-style espionage with murder mystery, the game is a delight for anyone looking for a unique and unusual game experience.

  1. Planet Coaster

Planet coaster takes the idea of total control and goes right to the sky with it. Right to the sky in a roller coaster, that is.

The design game offers the chance for players to construct hugely death-defying roller coasters that seem to go against the laws of physics entirely.

If you have ever dreamed of making any kind of roller coaster, this is the game for you.

The game provides stunning graphics and animation as you test out your plans. The career mode allows the chance to play against various challenges. The players must meet determined objectives to continue their career.

The mix of management and strategy game is beautifully detailed and is sure to offer a memorable time at the Mac. It’s also a great way to experience the delights of a roller-coaster ride in a virtual setting!

Macs and the app store offer gamers a terrific way of keeping up to date with the latest releases. As well as celebrating classic games and features, the store is the place for new titles to enjoy.

With new technological updates always on the Mac horizon, the future looks bright for game-loving Mac users.