Touch Your Heart Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know


Touch Your Heart Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Fans have been anticipating Touch Your Heart Season 2 for the last two years. The great chemistry of Yoo In Na while Lee Dong Wook was one of the reasons the drama earned so many favourable reviews when it was airing.

The two previously collaborated on the Korean fantasy-romance drama Goblin. Even today, there are rumours that In Na and Dong Wook are collaborating on Tale of the Nine-Tailed Season 2.

Their on-screen chemistry is adored and admired by thousands of fans. The fact that supporters of Touch Your Heart’s second season even started petitions is the ideal illustration. The drama definitely merits a second season.

In the Korean drama Touch Your Heart, Oh Jim Shim/Oh Yeon Seo, a well-known actress, enters a legal office to acquire experience. It is a straightforward, cotton-candy-like love tale.

However, when she falls into love with the ruthless ace lawyer Kwon Jung Ruk, fate has other plans for her.

The play depicts the two’s transformation from rivals to lovers. The same-named online novel served as the inspiration for Touch Your Heart. Yoo In-na while Lee Dong-wook are the film’s leads, while Park Joon-hwa is the director.

The first episode debuted on February 6, 2019, and the last 16 episodes of the kdrama aired on March 28, 2019. Fans are still eagerly awaiting season 2 since it has left them with a tender space in their hearts.

A comedy and romance-focused online series from South Korea, Touch Your Heart. On the TVN network, it was originally made available in South Korea. Studio Dragon then made it available on Netflix as well.

Touch My Heart is an extremely hilarious romantic comedy that also receives a great deal of acclaim from viewers. It was created by Studio Dragon and authored by Lee Myung-Suk with Enoi Bo-Rim. The first season’s 16 episodes concluded with a happily-ever-after.

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Korean films, as we all too well know, have a significant influence over the globe. However, the number of people watching Korean dramas and films has increased, especially in India.

We’re discussing Korean dramas here, which have a huge global fan following. Teenagers nowadays, particularly females, have a tremendous obsession with the dramas’ beautiful protagonists.

The diversity in Korean dramas never stops and ranges from comedy to amorousness, historical to suspenseful, covert to dark humour.

In K-dramas, the plot, typescripts, as well as the settings seem fresh and novel, which makes for more fascinating storytelling.

Touch Your Heart Season 2 Release Date

Every narrative has a second chapter that fans eagerly anticipate. However, it is also known that no official announcement about season 2 has been made as of yet.

There is little to continue in season one since, as we are all aware, the plot was wrapped up in the first episode.

Therefore, it appears a bit unlikely that the second season will be renewed. A highly representative Korean drama, Touch Your Heart was first shown in South Korea.

It had its formal debut via the tvN network from February 6 until March 28, 2019, and afterwards it debuted on Netflix.

Therefore, if season 2 seems to be a possibility, we anticipate talking about it around the end of 2022.

It’s challenging to produce anything so quickly and early given the catastrophic epidemic the globe is experiencing.

As a result, there are no teasers or trailers teasing the second season, although everyone may watch the first season on Netflix. Stay tuned as we’ll let you know as soon as we get more information on release confirmation.

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Touch Your Heart Season 2 Cast

In their productions, Koranic performers as well as actresses are always fantastic. Additionally, they have a sizable fan base that spans the globe. Yoo In Na when Lee Dong Wook have excellent chemistry together, as we saw in season one.

Lee Sang Woo played Kim Se Won, Son Sung Yung played Yoo Yeo-reum, and other actors portraying supporting parts in the legal office were Oh Jung Se, Shim Hyung Lak, Park Kyung Hye, and Jang So Yeon. We’ll let you know as soon as the cast is confirmed.

Touch Your Heart Season 2 Trailer

Touch Your Heart Season 2 Plot

Touch Your Heart Season 2 stars Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na. They each have a cast that is well suited to them, and their on-screen chemistry is excellent. A highly skilled and renowned top actress called Oh Jim Sim is the subject of the story’s opening.

whose professional reputation was tarnished by some scandal, and who afterwards found herself in serious jeopardy. She made the decision to join a legal company after being without a work for the previous two years.

She needs real-life experience to portray a role since she aspires to be a lawyer in a future television series. She then joined a legal firm where she met Kwon Jung Rok, the company’s managing partner.

She then makes the decision to represent him in court. The actress has a background in law, making it a little bit simpler for her to comprehend laws and regulations.

a love story between a lawyer and a famous actress whose life takes a turn for the worst after being involved in a controversy involving a third-generation chaebol.

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She poses as the lawyer’s office in order to appear in a play written by a well-known author.

Oh Jin-shim, a well-known actress who performs under the stage identity Oh Yeon-seo, suffers a controversy that harms her career and leaves her unemployed for two years.

She consents to work as a secretary to an lawyer called Kwon Jung-rok at a law office in order to get experience for a position in a significant forthcoming television series. They eventually fall in love, but the subsequent actions are what make up the core of the narrative.

It is too soon to predict if Touch Your Heart Season 2 will be available on Netflix since the release date has not yet been set. We will be informed of the distribution information when the date of release is declared.

Additionally, Yoo In Na that Lee Dong Wook have a well-known romantic chemistry and even collaborated on Goblin, one of the most well-known fantasy romance Korean dramas.

If we take into account how well-known the main pair is throughout the world, Netflix will not suffer if they decide to pick up the second season.

Season 1 of Touch Your Heart is already accessible on Netflix. There, you may view it. You must register for an account and choose the subscription package that best suits your needs. The stunning Korean love drama Touch Your Heart is now available for your viewing pleasure.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a Netflix membership since Viki also has season 1. There is no need to subscribe to Viki.

For better and simpler access, you may go straight to the website or you can download our Viki mobile application.