Tourist Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Everything You Need To Know


The Tourist Season 2 is the return of Jamie Dornan’s thriller show. The show did very well and became a hit. So much so that, even though the show was only supposed to run for one season, fans have forced the creators to bring it back for another run. Also, the first episode ended on a cliffhanger that made a lot of people curious. Now, there’s no doubt that the next season will answer each question, just like the last season did when it revealed who “The Man” was. So, when does the new season start? How does the story go? Who are the new people joining the cast? Here is every detail.

The Tourist, which came out on January 1, 2022, was the most popular drama of 2022. The work is written by Harry Williams and Jack Williams. Chris Sweeney is in charge of making it. Dominik Scherrer is also known as the composer. The executive producers of the thriller series are Harry Williams, Jack Williams, Christopher Aird, Andrew Benson, Tommy Bulfin, and Chris Sweeney. Lisa Scott is in charge of making the show. A lot of production companies, like HBO Max and BBC Studios, are behind the drama. The first season had six episodes, and with each one, more people watched.

The Tourist season 1 summary

At the beginning of the story, an Irish man named Elliot Stanley (Jamie Dornan) is in a car accident. He wakes up in an Australian hospital with no memory. He needs to use the few hints he has to figure out who he is before his past finds him.

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The show ends with big questions that will be answered in Tourist Season 2. Elliot dies from an overdose at the end of the first season. He tried to kill himself by drinking a bottle of vodka and taking a lot of pills after he found out he was a drug dealer before he lost his memory. But Constable Helen Chambers (Danielle Macdonald) sent him a burrito emoji to give him a second chance. Will he live long enough to settle down with Helen (Danielle Macdonald)? Elliot’s destiny will be shown in Season 2 of The Tourist. Fans will need to wait until it comes out.

What to expect in Tourist Season 2?

The story should continue from the last episode of the first season, which answered the major question fans had been asking: “Will the truth about who The Man really is finally be revealed?” It’s safe to say that the next episode will focus on what happened to these characters after the things that happened in the previous episodes. This will give the next episode a theme.

The first season’s writers, Jack and Harry Williams, also implied that it was time for Elliot to go back to his roots. After a car accident left Elliot with severe memory loss, the two of them were pulled into the threatening whirlwind of his past life. While Elliot fights his own evil spirits, Helen has to put together a bigger puzzle. This forces both of them to face old and new enemies.

“The second season of The Tourist will delight and surprise viewers just like the first one did. “We’re sure that this series will continue to reach an extensive audience, and we’re excited to see how that works in a different setting,” said Sarah Hammond and Daniel Walker, who are in charge of Two Brothers.

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Jamie Dornan, who plays The Man/Elliot Stanley, and Danielle Macdonald, who plays Probationary Constable Helen Chambers, are both set to play their roles again in the new season. On the other hand, there may also be some new characters, which will be shown in the following months. Season 2 of The Tourist is made by Two Brothers Pictures for the BBC, along with Stan and ZDF.

The Tourist Season 2 Cast

There isn’t an official report regarding which characters are returning and which character will not appear on the screen. But Shalom Brune-Franklin, lafur Darri lafsson, and Alex Dimitriades aren’t going to be back because their characters died during the first season. They took on the roles of Helen Chambers, Luci Miller, and Billy Nixon, respectively. But a list of characters will definitely come back. Among these are:

  • Jamie Dornan as The Man/Elliot Stanley
  • Danielle Macdonald as Probationary Constable Helen Chambers
  • Genevieve Lemon as Sue
  • Danny Adcock as Ralph
  • Damon Herriman as Detective Inspector Lachlan Rogers
  • Alex Andreas as Dimitri Panigiris
  • Maria Mercedes as Freddie Lanagan
  • Michael Ibbotson as Peter the Policeman
  • Kamil Ellis as Sergeant Rodney Lammon
  • The Umbilical Brothers (David Collins and Shane Dundas) as Helicopter pilots, Arlo and Jesse

The Tourist season 2 trailer

A trailer for season two of The Tourist isn’t out yet, but once the show gets a premiere date, we can expect the trailer about a month before the premiere.

The Tourist Season 2 Episodes

We don’t know the exact number yet, but there will be at least 6 episodes, just like the last season, to maintain the plots the same. This could alter if the creators have additional things to tell about the season, but we won’t know for sure until later. So, we ask people to have patience and watch the first season.

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Where Can I Watch Season 2 of The Tourist?

So, Season 2 of The Tourist is now on BBC iPlayer. Also, you can stream the show in the US on HBO Max. You can also watch the show online on Amazon Prime Video UK. Continue to return to the Latest Series to see what’s new.