Trace Cyrus Slams Women In A Racist Tirade Who Write This On Only Fans


Trace Cyrus Slams Women In A Racist Tirade Who Write This On Only Fans:

Cyrus was the drummer for the pop rock band Metro Station as well as is the brother of pop star Miley Cyrus. In a Wednesday post on X, which used to be called Twitter, he attacked women who make sexual material on the online site OnlyFans.

OnlyFans was a social media network, such as Instagram, YouTube, as well as Facebook, where producers can make money from users, called “fans,” who pay a monthly registration fee to view their exclusive material.

Adult entertainment and sexual material have become associated with the site. Cyrus said he knows “some amazing girls” who make OnlyFans, but many of these women “have lost the opportunity of ever settling down alongside an honest guy alongside morals.”

Cyrus Wrote A Long Post On OnlyFans About Women Who Share Sexual Content:

The rapper, who happens to be the grandson of “Achy Breaky Heart” singer Billy Ray Cyrus as well as the older sibling of “Flowers” singer Miley Cyrus, posted a number of rants about the platform on Wednesday. Many social media users quickly called him out for being sexist.

Wednesday, Cyrus posted a long post on X regarding women who share sexual content upon OnlyFans. She said that those women “have lost the opportunity of ever settling with a good guy with morals.”

“They’ll try to say those guys are anxious because they have standards. They obtain a lot of attention from guys upon OF, so they believe they have choices. But any guy who wants to see sexual stuff so badly that he’s ready to shell out for it is a desperate loser,” he wrote.

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Cyrus Said That If You Have A Good Man As Well As A Family, You Will Be Happier Within Old Age Than You Could Ever Be Otherwise:

Cyrus additionally seemed to be making fun of the fact that female OnlyFans users can make money from their work on their own.

“I just think that this independent attitude that you don’t need a man is very dangerous and will make you very lonely in the long run,” Cyrus wrote. “Having a good man as well as a family will give you more happiness within old age than anything else ever could.”

There are a lot of married women who work in the sex industry and have families, companies, kids, homes, etc. “Some are married to sex workers and some are married to people who don’t work in the sex industry,” wrote X user @SybilStalloneTV. “We are important people. Stop using your power to make us seem less important.”

Cyrus Stated That The Majority Of You Have Shown That You Aren’t Smart Enough To Argue Against What He Said:

X user @WWKaye commented ironically, “We must put an end to this ridiculous thought that women should be free to treat their flesh and their lives as if they belong to them! What a crazy idea it is for women to be able to do whatever they want and enjoy on their own!”

In an X post on Thursday, Cyrus said the same things he had said before. “Most of your actions have shown that you aren’t smart enough to argue against what I said without being rude and calling me names,” he wrote.

In a different tweet, Cyrus stated that the reason why people are upset is because he thinks his statement was true: “If my statement wasn’t true, then no one would care. He also said that his pitch was “extremely positive” and full of “great advice.”

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What People Have To Say About Cyrus Statement:

Some X users called him out for making fun of sex workers and people who make a living off the platform, which started in 2016 and grew quickly during the pandemic, when many sex workers went online.

Others joined in by recommending OnlyFans accounts, and a lot of people made fun of Cyrus’s past and her love of naked pictures. “Nepo babies have weird,” one user of X wrote in response to Cyrus’s tweet. “Dawg, this is really embarrassing,” said someone else.

“Says a single guy who’s been on a bunch of bad dates,” joked another user. “I’m really interested: why do you care? Let people live. No need to pretend,” said someone else.

In the past few years, a lot of famous people, like Cardi B, Carmen Electra, Bella Thorne, Drea de Matteo, as well as Iggy Azalea, have joined the subscription-based site because it gives them control over their sexuality and artistic lives.

What Masia Had to Say About Trace Cyrus:

Laura Masia wrote for, “I’m so f— tired of the idea that OnlyFans is a dangerous beast that ruins good women.” “It was clear that OnlyFans filled a need in the market. It gave people who wanted to do sex work power over their own bodies, limits, and images instead of letting them be spread across the internet without permission from them.

“I think the main issue is that men such as Trace Cyrus have a very one-dimensional view of women and speak about it like they care about women’s happiness,” Masia said.

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In a February chat with Emily Ratajkowski, Azalea said, “I’ve earned a lot of individuals so much cash off my body, yet I got the least cut off of myself, my own work, as well as my own ideas.” “I don’t believe that I should feel bad about wanting to make money off of my own.”

Thorne Was The First Person Who Made $1 Million From OnlyFans In Less Than 24 Hours:

Electra’s OnlyFans page went live in May 2022. She said that the site gave her “the chance to be autonomous and share my creative vision with those who support me without anyone standing over me.”

At the time, Electra told People magazine, “People are going to do whatever they want with your photos anyway.” “You may as well be the one in charge and do what you want to do on the inside.”

Paper Magazine says that Thorne quickly made money off of the site as well as became the first person to make $1 million in less than 24 hours.

Thorne Stated That OnlyFans Was The First Place Where I Have Full Control Over My Picture:

“I’ve been defeated,” he said, re-posting her takedown upon his Instagram stories. “The smartest woman of our time has stopped me in my tracks. I take back what I said before. Every woman within the world ought to be her own fan.”

Thorne told the outlet within August 2020, “OnlyFans is the first site where I have complete authority over my image without censorship, without judgment, and without being harassed online for being me.”