Trashed exits Early Access earlier by accident


Something strange has happened to Trashed, that they warned us that it would enter Early Access this week; now it turns out that Steam has released it as a “full game” by accident. A week ago we told you about him as a new management and adventure indie, and we gave the 15th as the date on which he would join the aforementioned program on Steam.

Now, and through a press release, the company has reported that it has been a movement that has been carried out by accident, given that currently, the title is less than 25% of development with respect to the final content. The main mechanics are not yet resolved and not all art elements are integrated.

They have already contacted Valve to ask them to fix the situation and return it to Early Access, but they are still waiting for a response. They apologize for the confusion for fans.

Even so, already in Early Access we can enjoy almost all the features of the title. We can even use vehicles to move on the surface of the planets; They will also serve to drag garbage to incinerators and recycling machines as the game’s plot progresses.

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