Traumatic death of two boys due to headphones, corpse shattered in 50 to 60 pieces, know


Madhya Pradesh: In Burhanpur, Madhya Pradesh, two boys were traumatized after being cut off from a train. In this accident, 50 to 60 pieces of their body were broken. Headphones put in the ears have been the reason for the death of both boys. This accident happened when both boys were walking on the track with headphones in their ears and the train arrived on the track. Also Read – After eight months in Indore, the band rang, the groom had requested, no one can play the band at my wedding…

According to the information, 19-year-old Irrfan and 16-year-old Kalim, from Baroda in Burhanpur, were coming from the track towards Burhanpur at 6 pm on Friday. Shortly after, Karnataka Express was coming from Bhusaval to Lalbagh railway station. Between the railway track pole numbers 496/2 to 496/4, both of them died due to being cut by the train. Also Read – After Love Jihad law in Madhya Pradesh, now Cow Cabinet has created political struggle

When the Lalbaug railway station arrived, the driver of the Karnataka Express informed the officers about the accident. In the information given to the officers, the driver told that both the boys were walking on the track. Even after playing the horn, he did not get off the track, due to which both fell into the grip of the train. Policemen rushed to the spot as soon as they got information about this accident. However, when the villagers arrived on the track to identify the dead, the villagers and the police found only two torso, both of them had flown. Also Read – Computer Baba in difficulty, black empire was destroyed again, Baba’s appearance in court today

Nearly 40 people, including police, were on the track for two hours to find the dead bodies of the dead, which affected traffic. In Waghoda, three trains including Godan stayed for half an hour. People were removed from the track after receiving information about the traffic affected. The traffic of trains started again on the track from around 7 pm.


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