Travis Barker Surprises A Blind 9 Year Old Fan By Playing Drums With Him At A Lemonade Stand


Travis Barker Surprises A Blind 9-Year-Old Fan By Playing Drums With Him At A Lemonade Stand:

Travis Barker knows that small things may have big effects, so he planned a perfect treat for a blind young friend and fellow drummer.

The Blink-182 drummer, who is 47 years old, stopped by the failing lemonade stand of 9-year-old Grayson Roberts at the Dream Factory social space within Los Angeles. Several images of the visit were shared on social media.

Friday, the drummer from Blink-182 stopped by the lemonade stand of blind 9-year-old musician Grayson Roberts at the Dream Factory social space within Los Angeles.

After Travis Barker Plays Drums At Grayson Roberts’s Lemonade Stand, The Story Went Viral:

This week, a social media star named Charlie Rocket told his over one million followers on Instagram that a young boy’s lemonade stand was empty. This made the boy famous.

But Barker didn’t stop after making a showing. He gave Roberts a pair of drumsticks, gave him a lot of money, and performed the drums while Roberts sang.

A source tells us that Barker found out about the event on Friday through social media as well as Mikey Tua, who is friends with his son Landon.

A source said that Barker truly wanted to go to Grayson’s event or show him a little affection, even though he only had one day’s notice and had to be at work that day.

Charlie Rocket, Who Told His Fans Earlier This Week That Roberts Was Having Trouble Getting Customers:

Roberts wrote about the event on Instagram: “THANK YOU, Travis, for having some time to stop through my lemonade stand and letting me perform with you!” “That was so cool.”

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“Everyone became aware that Travis Barker was there,” a person there told Entertainment Tonight. “It was a huge source of inspiration for Grayson.”

Barker is said to have heard about the lemonade stand from social media star as well as Dream Factory founder Charlie Rocket. Rocket told his fans earlier this week that Roberts was having trouble getting people to buy lemonade.

Even Though It Was Short Notice And He Had To Work Before, The Artist Put The Visit First:

A source said that the “All the Small Things” musician made the visit a priority, even though he didn’t have much notice and had to do work before.

You can observe Barker keeping a steady beat upon the drum set while Grayson, who is a big Stevie Wonder fan, belted out the lyrics.

“Travis is so good with kids, and it was really cool to see how he played with Greyson,” said the witness. Grayson’s lemonade stand quickly got a lot of attention on social media, which helped the event do very well.

Charlie Rocket put up the video of Grayson’s lemonade stand outside his house just over a week ago. Rocket said, “Let’s give him a hand!” He is just so cute. Leave a comment if you’d like to assist him with me, and we’ll figure out what we can all do to help him!”

Together, They Turned The Small Lemonade Stand Into A Big Party Called “Limitless Lemonade”:

Together, they turned the small lemonade stand into “Limitless Lemonade,” a big event put on through Once Upon a Coconut. Grayson’s dream was supported by “hundreds” of people who came to the event.

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Barker gave Grayson a friendly welcome and told him, “What’s up, Grayson? I really like your music.” It’s a pleasure to meet you. I bought you some sticks for a drum. I saw you play drums and sing on a video.”