Travis Kelce’s Ex-Girlfriend Doesn’t Like That Brittany Mahomes Is Now Friends With Taylor Swift


Travis Kelce’s Ex-Girlfriend Doesn’t Like That Brittany Mahomes Is Now Friends With Taylor Swift:

Travis and Taylor’s reported relationship has been in the news for a few weeks now. Within that time, Taylor seems to have made some connections with the NFL player’s family and close companions.

The pop star seems to be getting closer to Travis Kelce’s Chiefs friends as well as his mom, Donna Kelce. On September 24, he joined the Kansas City team at a party to celebrate their home win in opposition to the Chicago Bears.

Travis Kelce’s ex-girlfriend posted a mysterious message upon her Instagram Stories on Sunday. This comes as more and more people talk about him dating Taylor Swift.

While She Was Dating Kelce, Nicole Went To Chiefs Games:

Kayla Nicole, who dated the Chiefs tight end intermittently for five years, re-posted an August 2023 Instagram post from @justinlaboy that said, “For the ones JUST watching to see if I’m going to make it.. I AM.”

She added “spoiler alert.” Nicole went to Chiefs games with Kelce, 33, and spent moments with Brittany Mahomes, who is married to Patrick Mahomes, the team’s quarterback. Nicole used to follow Brittany on Instagram, but as of Monday, she no longer does.

At this event, we heard for the first time that Taylor had gotten close to Brittany Mahomes, who is married to Travis’s partner and close friend Patrick Mahomes.

Brittany May Be Found Right In The Middle Of The Action At Chiefs Games:

If you didn’t already know, Brittany is well-known upon social media as well as in the NFL. Most of the time, she is right in the middle of the action at Chiefs games, cheering for Patrick alongside their two kids, Sterling as well as Bronze.

So, from the first time it was said that Taylor as well as Travis might be dating, there was a lot of talk about whether Brittany and Taylor would quickly become friends, and it looks like they have.

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Pepperdine University Is Where She Got Her Degree:

Nicole has always loved sports, even before she met Kelce. She went on to school to become a sports professional.

She put a “friendly reminder” upon her Instagram within 2018 to let her fans know that she got her bachelor’s degree within broadcast journalism from Pepperdine University within 2013.

“Hosting is where my heart is,” she wrote in the description of a video of herself wearing a Lakers shirt while reporting from outside the Staples Center within Los Angeles, California.

Brittany Went To A Girls’ Night In Nyc With Taylor, Blake Lively, As Well As Sophie Turner:

Brittany married Mahomes last March within Hawaii, and Kelce and Kayla were there. On Sunday, she went to MetLife Stadium to watch the Chiefs play the Jets in primetime, a day after having dinner alongside Swift, 33, within New York.

Eyewitnesses say that Taylor and Brittany were drinking together at the Chiefs afterparty last month, and it sounds like the two have only grown closer since then.

On Saturday, Brittany went out with Taylor, Blake Lively, as well as Sophie Turner for a girls’ night in NYC. Sources told People that the group “all got along” and “laughed all night over drinks as well as delicious food.”

Brittany And Taylor’s New Friendship Went To The Next Level When They Went To A Chiefs Game Together:

The next day, Brittany as well as Taylor took their newly formed friendship to another level by going to an exclusive room at MetLife Stadium to watch the Chiefs game with a bunch of A-list friends, like Sophie, Blake, Hugh Jackman, as well as Ryan Reynolds.

And even though Taylor as well as Brittany seem to be getting the time of their lives right now, their new friendship could be affecting one of Brittany’s other friendships.

She Talks About Sports On The Air:

Nicole got hosting jobs at ESPN, Barstool Sports, and other sports media sites after she graduated from Pepperdine. Nicole has made a name for herself as a courtside reporter for the NBA and a bench reporter for the NFL.

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She has also reported on news from the showbiz world. She talked to Will Ferrell, Amy Poehler, and Sterling K. Brown for Global Grind during their press tours for The House in 2017 and Angry Bird 2 in 2019.

So, after Brittany as well as Taylor went out to dinner with Travis’s longtime ex-girlfriend Kayla Nicole on Saturday night, fans with sharp eyes noticed that Kayla Nicole had stopped following Brittany on Instagram.

In 2017, Kelce And Nicole Began Dating:

Kelce as well as Nicole started dating within 2017 after their first DMs on Instagram. Within the years that followed, they broke up and got back together several times.

In August 2020, they broke up for the first time. Fans thought they had broken up when Nicole removed pictures of the football player from her Instagram account a week before Kelce said they had.

There were reports that Kelce had cheated upon Nicole with a “Becky,” which he denied within a tweet that has since been deleted.

In May 2022, They Broke Up Once More:

“This was fake news, a lie, as well as it’s not why Kayla and myself broke up,” Kelce wrote upon Twitter, according to an image from a source. “Please put all your anger somewhere else.”

In November, after a few months, they got back together. During an Instagram Live alongside WNBA basketball player Chiney Ogwumike, Kelce called Nicole “my girlfriend” to show that they were back together.

“She’s outstanding,” Kelce said of Nicole. “She’s the best there is.” In May 2022, they broke up once more. Barstool Sports said at the time that they broke up because Kelce made Nicole pay for “half of everything” while they were dating.

In 2022, Kayla Served As A Bridesmaid At The Wedding Of Brittany And Patrick:

During the time that Kayla was with Travis, she and Brittany seemed to become friends that went beyond cheering for their boyfriends or girlfriends at football games.

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But in an interview with The Pivot Podcast within January 2023, Kelce rejected being “too cheap,” saying, “Don’t buy into that s—.” Continuing, he said, “I would never say I was helping her. She lived a very comfortable life financially and did well in her job.”

Kayla served as a bridesmaid at Brittany as well as Patrick’s wedding in 2022. She helped the bride choose her dress and posed for pictures with her on the sides. Brittany’s bachelorette party invited eight people, and she was one of them.

Travis And Kayla Broke Up In May Of Last Year, But It Seemed Like Brittany And Kayla Stayed Close:

Travis and Kayla broke up in May of last year, but it seemed like Brittany and Kayla stayed close. They even got together in July to celebrate the release of Patrick’s Netflix docuseries, Quarterback.

But it seems like things have gone wrong between the two girls, possibly because Brittany is becoming friends with Taylor. Swift ate at Emilio’s Ballato with her girl friends, including actors Blake Lively as well as Sophie Turner. Most of the group went to MetLife Stadium with Swift on Sunday to cheer on Kelce as the Chiefs beat the Jets 23–20.

It Was The Second Sunday In A Row That Swift Cheered For Kelce At A Game:

It was the second Sunday in a row that Swift cheered for Kelce at a game. On Sept. 24, she made a very public showing at Arrowhead Stadium. Fans additionally noticed that Kayla stopped following Patrick.

This was in addition to her mild dislike of Brittany on social media.  As of right now, both Mahomes are still following Kayla. During a news meeting last Wednesday, he said, “She’s really cool and a good person.” “But, as Trav said, man, I’m just going to let them be alone and move on.”