Travis Scott Can’t Stop Jung Kook From Getting The Biggest Song Within The World Again


Travis Scott Can’t Stop Jung Kook From Getting The Biggest Song Within The World Again:

Jung Kook as well as Latto are still the best music artists in the world for the third week in a row. Their song “Seven,” which they worked on together, has stayed at the top of the Billboard Global 200 list.

Even though they were up against tough competition, the powerful pair won and are now at the top of the prestigious chart company’s weekly list of the most-played songs around the world.

“Seven” Is Still Most Popular Song On Billboard Global 200:

“Seven” is still the most popular song among the Billboard Global 200, and it won’t give up the top spot. Travis Scott, one of the most popular and famous singers in the music business, is a big reason why the song has stayed at the top for so long.

Scott tried hard to beat Jung Kook as well as Latto, as well as this time three of his songs appeared within the top 10 of the chart. Two of those songs, “Meltdown,” which featured Drake, and “FE!N,” which featured Playboi Carti, were very close to taking the prized first place.

“Meltdown” Took 2nd Place On Billboard:

“Meltdown” comes in at number two, while “FE!N” starts at number three. Also, Scott’s song “Hyena” made it to No. 10, which shows how much he rules the charts.

The Billboard Global 200 as well as Billboard Global Excl. U.S. lists, which started within September 2020, rank songs according to how many times they were streamed and how many copies were sold in more than 200 countries. The Global 200 includes data from all over the world, while the Global Excl. U.S. map includes data from places other than the United States.

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How Chart Ranks Work?

Chart ranks are based on a weighted formula that includes official-only streams on both subscription as well as ad-supported tiers of video and audio music services, as well as download sales.

The latter include purchases from full-service digital music retailers across the world, but sales from direct-to-consumer sites are not included in the charts’ calculations.

“Seven” Got 124.3 Million View And 14,000 Sales From 28th July To 3rd August:

“Seven,” by Jung Kook and Latto, stays at the top of the Billboard Global 200 for a third week, with 124.3 million plays (down 19%) and 14,000 sales (down 82%) from July 28 to August 3.

Even though it’s been out for three weeks, “Seven” is still a big hit with people all over the world. It’s become a real smash. Billboard says that Jung Kook’s number one hit sold an extra 14,000 copies and was streamed an extra 124.3 million times in the last tracking period.

Right Now The Numbers Are Down But They Are Still High Enough To Keep Within Lead:

Even though these numbers are down from the last two weeks, they are still high enough to keep “Seven” in the lead over other shows that want to be number one.

Scott is known as a powerful force upon streaming platforms all over the world, but he had a hard time beating Jung Kook’s steady dominance.

Just After Release Of “Meltdown” It Get 62 Million Plays Worldwide:

Even though the rapper is well-known around the world and has a large fan base, his song “Meltdown” only had just under sixty-two million plays around the world when it came out.

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Even though that was a big number on its own, it was nothing compared to the huge success of “Seven,” which brought in about twice as many. Last month, “Seven” hit No. 1 among the Billboard Global 200 list, which was a big deal for Jung Kook.

Jung Kook Became The Second South Korean Solo Artist Who Reach At Esteemed Ranking:

The BTS star became only the second South Korean solo artist to reach the top of this prestigious list. This made him a part of music history. He was also the initial solo male musician from South Korea to do this amazing thing.

Jung Kook Was Only 16 Year Old When He Joined BTS:

In 2013, when BTS first came out, Jung Kook had just turned 16. Jung Kook stated regarding growing up in the public eye, “It would be a lie to state that nothing was hard.”

“But I think that meeting such great people and having our friends right by my side is one of the most wonderful things that has ever happened to me. They helped me get through hard times as well as become more of an individual.