Travis Scott’s ‘Utopia’ Concert At The Pyramids Of Giza Is Still Going On


Travis Scott’s ‘Utopia’ Concert At The Pyramids Of Giza Is Still Going On?

Live Nation said that Travis Scott’s Utopia performance outside the Pyramids of Giza will continue on as planned, despite many Egyptian media outlets saying that the show had been canceled.

The Egyptian Syndicate of Musical Professions is said to have pointed out a number of problems with Scott’s upcoming show. People say that the Syndicate, which gives out performance passes in the end, is worried about “the security and safeguarding of the audience.”

The Egyptian Musicians Syndicate Banned Us Rapper Travis’s Show:

The Egyptian Musicians Syndicate has banned a show by US rapper Travis Scott at the Giza Pyramids because of an online campaign against him.

International music stars frequently perform at the bottom of Egypt’s famous pyramids nearby the capital, Cairo, as well as the strong musicians union rarely objects to these events. In recent years, though, it has been at the forefront of a fight in opposition to music styles that Egyptians think are inappropriate, like rap.

Travis Scott’s Representatives Stated That The Concert Wasn’t Canceled:

In an email, reps for Travis Scott said that the Utopia show at the Pyramids of Giza was not canceled. Bookmark this page for more information as this story develops.

The artists’ union doesn’t usually fight against these kinds of events, but it has been on a campaign in opposition to Egyptian urban music, especially rap, for years.

Egypt is additionally within the middle of a campaign in opposition to what it calls a “rewriting” of its past. African-American groups that say they are related to the Pharaohs are its main target.

There Are No Modifications To The Concert, Which Is Good News For Travis Scott Fans:

Travis Scott’s show in Egypt hasn’t changed, and any rumors to the opposite are false. We can’t wait to party with you within Egypt for Utopia! In a statement that was given to Rolling Stone, Live Nation said this. On July 28, the show will happen.

You see, the entertainment business was full of opposites. The good and the pretty good The Wiggles concert you brought your niece to was the best show you’ve ever been to.

What Went Down At Travis Scott’s Last Concert In Houston?

Also, famous sites like the great pyramids of Giza and “satanic” rites carried out by an artist whose last concert sequence ended in a stampede that killed eight people in Houston.

At least, that’s how the Egyptian General Syndicate for Musical Professions describes it. They did this when they canceled the “Utopia” show by rapper Travis Scott, which was supposed to start on the 28th of July at the foot of the Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt.

A statement about the closure said, “Since the General Syndicate was a part of this beloved country, it cares about its stability and safety and won’t change social values or Egyptian as well as Arab customs and traditions.”

The Board Of Directors Decided To Take Away The License That Allowed This Type Of Concert To Be Held:

“Research as well as documented data regarding strange rituals during Travis’s concerts that go against our authentic social values and traditions led the Board of Directors to decide to revoke the license for this kind of concert, which goes against the Egyptian people’s cultural identity.”

In 2021, a crowd crush at Scott’s Astroworld Festival killed 10 people and hurt many more. After police looked into the terrible event for 19 months, a grand jury decided that nobody should be charged with a crime.

Within a statement to Billboard, Scott’s lawyer, Kent Schaffer, said that the grand jury’s ruling showed that “Travis Scott wasn’t guilty for the Astroworld tragedy.”

“This is in line with what many news organizations as well as both the state and federal governments have found,” Schaffer said. “Organizers, operators, as well as contractors, not performers, are to blame for safety problems at events.”

“While patiently waiting for the District Attorney to decide not to file charges, Travis Scott was wrongly and incorrectly marked out, even though he stopped the show three times and didn’t know what was going on as it was happening.

Now that this part of the story is over, we want the government to focus on what’s most important: making sure sad events like Astroworld never happen again.

The Egyptian Government Had Decided To Pull The Concert’s Permit:

Reports say that Egyptian officials have chosen to take away Scott’s music permission because the concert “goes in opposition to the cultural heritage of the Egyptian folks.”

The Egyptian Musicians Syndicate, which is in charge of clearing events and giving out permits, is said to have made the decision.

In a statement to the the media, the Musicians Syndicate stated that it had “welcomed different types of art as well as concerts over the past few months,” but that it had also “set rules and regulations to protect the traditions and customs that the Yeti Egyptian people have kept.”

During The Union’s Review Of The Artist’s Social Networks, They Found A Few Pictures And Documented Data That Went Against The Traditions:

“After looking at what people said about the artist on social media and what he said about himself, the union found pictures and written details regarding the strange acts he does that go in opposition to our traditions,” the text says.

The tour tickets went on sale upon the 9th of July as well as were all gone within 15 minutes. Live shows are getting more and more expensive, so artists are coming up with new ways to bring people together. Scott planned to livestream this occasion, which would also be the release of his new record, “Utopia.”

“Utopia was wherever you are,” the artist wrote on Instagram in July to his 50 million fans. People are very excited about Scott’s next music series, which has become a point of contention. The last stop on his “Astroworld” tour, which was a big hit in 2021, was a rush in his city of Houston.

During the fight, eight people died, as well as two more passed within the hospital. All 10 people died of accidental compression asphyxiation, which is what doctors said.

More than 300 more people received medical care for injuries. Tony Buzbee, a lawyer from Houston, brought a case on behalf of the victims against Scott, Apple Music, Live Nation Entertainment, and various other companies. Scott settled out of court for an amount that can’t be said.

What’s The Reason Why Scott’s Egypt Concert Has Been Canceled?

Some Egyptians were upset when a Netflix docudrama regarding Cleopatra starred a Black actress as the ancient Egyptian queen.

They saw this to be cultural appropriation as well as a way to hide the fact that non-Black Egyptians lived in ancient Egypt. This led to the cancellation of Scott’s concert in Egypt.

Additionally, Kevin Hart’s Event Was Cancelled By Egypt In February:

Egypt canceled a show by American comic Kevin Hart in February after some of his old views were shared on social media. Critics said he changed history and took away Arabs’ claim to the country’s old past. They also said he said the ancient Egyptian kings were Black.

The words haven’t been checked out, and Hart hasn’t said anything about the issue. Even though the producers of Hart’s show said it had to be canceled because of problems with logistics, some Egyptians on social media saw it as a victory for the boycott campaign.

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