Treasury worth millions in raids! Police are shocked by the reality of the 8 boxes filled with gold and silver jewelery

new Delhi: Andhra Pradesh police recovered jewelery worth crores of rupees and cash and weapons worth lakhs of rupees in 8 boxes of crates in one raid. Anantapuram District Police of Andhra Pradesh has seized 2.42 kg of gold jewelery and 84.10 kg of silver jewelery, Rs 15.55 lakh in cash and weapons in 8 trunk boxes in a house in Bakkaraya Samudram town. Apart from this, the police have also rammed many vehicles. The most important thing is that in this raid, Anantapuram District Police has also exposed the jewelery traders big nexus and tax evasion. The police is also surprised by the presence of this nexus. Also Read – GST on Old Gold Jewelery: GST will be imposed on old gold jewelery, know what will be the effect in shopping

Police recovered 6 two-wheelers and 9 cellular phones in the raid. It is being told that the value of the recovered gold-silver jewelery is more than Rs 2 crore. In this case, the police has arrested 8 accused. It has been revealed in the raid that illegal trading of gold was being done. Businessmen used to tax evasion. In this regard, the police has also informed the Income Tax Department.

According to the police, on January 28, three robbers snatched a bag full of 3 kg of gold jewelery from two traders in Nellore in Tadipatri town in broad daylight. He filed a complaint with the police.

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