Treatment of corona can be found in Ganga water, testing will begin, discussion also at international level

Prayagraj: Trial of treatment of corona virus from Ganges water at BHU is expected to begin next week, with an international journal published articles in the world with clinical data on the possibility of covid-19 treatment from Ganges water. Vijay Nath Mishra, Professor of Neurology at Kashi Hindu University (BHU), said that for the first time a research paper has been published in the International Journal of Microbiology for the treatment of a particular disease from the Ganges water. Also Read – Corona Virus: Sero survey work completed in the country, ICMR said – Result will come soon

He said that in this research a new hypothesis (scientific thinking) was given about how the corona virus can be treated by the Ganges water. If this possibility is corrected, it is expected that this corona virus will be the cheapest treatment in the world. Clinical trials (clinical trials) on 200 Kovid-19 patients are expected to begin next week with publication in the journal. Also Read – Malala Yousafzai said – Corona caused big loss, two crore girls will not be able to return to school

Professor Mishra said, We analyzed 274 such people in Varanasi who used to take bath in Ganges and drink Ganga water every day. Corona virus infection was not found in any of these people. At the same time, out of 220 people who did not take Ganga bath, 20 people were found infected with Corona virus. Also Read – Parenting Tips: Women infected with Corona virus must do this work while breast feeding their baby

According to a review article published in the International Journal on 19 September, a large amount of virus named bacterio fuse is found in the waters of the river Ganges originating from the Himalayas, which can destroy bacteria as well as dangerous viruses. Our scientific view in this review is that Ganga water may play a curative role in the treatment of Kovid-19. It has been said in the findings of the journal that if the results of laboratory studies yield excellent results then it would be possible to conduct clinical studies.

Arun Gupta, amicus curiae on the Ganges River in the Allahabad High Court, said that the possibility of treating Kovid-19 from the Ganges waters to be published in the world’s most prestigious journal is actually on the cheek of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) There is a slap that rejected the project saying that it does not have clinical data. He said that after the refusal of ICMR, a team of five doctors led by Dr. Vijay Nath Mishra has prepared this clinical data which was sent to the Journal in July and now it has been published. Gupta told that the team of doctors of BHU has created a nasal drop of Ganga water which is worth 20-30 rupees and will be used in clinical trials.

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