Troppo Season 2 release date, cast, storyline, trailer release, and everything you need to know


Troppo Season 2 release date, cast, storyline, trailer release, and everything you need to know

The gritty and gripping Australian crime drama Troppo took viewers on a dark, twisted journey through the steamy tropics of Far North Queensland in its debut season. With its complex characters, shocking twists, and stunning scenery, the show quickly developed a dedicated fan base hungry for more. Now, buzz is building around the potential for Troppo Season 2 to continue this thrilling tale.

The first season followed the unlikely partnership between Ted Conkaffey, an ex-cop falsely accused of a horrendous crime, and Amanda Pharrell, a troubled yet brilliant private investigator with a criminal past of her own. The mysterious disappearance of a Korean tech pioneer compelled them to collaborate, leading them into the depths of human darkness and depravity that lurk beneath Queensland’s lush surface beauty.

Troppo Season 2 Release Date:

While the showrunners have not officially confirmed a second season renewal yet, fervent fans are holding out hope that an announcement could come by the end of 2023. The first season debuted on Australia’s ABC network on February 27, 2022 before being picked up for international distribution by Amazon’s free streaming service.

If green-lit, Season 2 would likely arrive sometime in late 2023 or 2024. The tight-lipped creative team is no doubt busy behind the scenes exploring potential storylines and arcs to build on the tremendous momentum of the first season.

Troppo Series Storyline Overview:

Based on the bestselling crime novel Crimson Lake by Candice Fox, Troppo follows ex-cop Ted Conkaffey as he flees potential imprisonment for a crime he didn’t commit. As Ted seeks refuge in remote Queensland, unorthodox private eye Amanda Pharrell disrupts his self-imposed exile by drawing him into the perplexing case of a missing Korean engineer.

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Despite their vastly different backgrounds, Ted and Amanda find an unexpected partnership as a series of bizarre deaths and disturbing events connected to the disappearance unfold around them. In a twisting mystery filled with deceptions, the duo must confront crocs, corrupt officials, and their personal demons.

Troppo’s first season earned praise for its gritty realism, strong character work, and palpable tension. The lush Queensland setting provided a visually arresting backdrop, matched by the darkness and moral grayness at the story’s core. Ted and Amanda’s flawed, deeply human characterizations anchored the taut thrills.

Troppo Season 2 Expected Storyline:

While speculative at this point, the potential second season would likely draw inspiration from the subsequent novels in Candice Fox’s book series featuring the same characters. This could see Ted and Amanda’s temporary alliance blossom into a more permanent partnership as new cases—and inner demons—arise.

Their investigative efforts will undoubtedly take them deeper into the seedy underbelly of tropical Queensland and its array of shady figures and illicit activities. Expect more shocking twists and turns, the fraying of ethical lines, and a ratcheting up of tension between the two leads.

The first season left enough tantalizing threads to pull on, from Amanda’s murky past to Ted’s quest to clear his name. Their combustible dynamics and crackling chemistry provide fertile ground for future exploration and conflict as their bond is tested.

Troppo Series Cast Members:

  • Thomas Jane as Ted Conkaffey
  • Nicole Chamoun as Amanda Pharrell
  • David Lyons as Inspector Lou Damford
  • Sun Park as Yoon Sun Park
  • Yerin Ha as Ah Rah Park
  • Ling Cooper Tang as Sergeant Carrie Hench
  • Kate Beahan as Olivia
  • Cramer Cain as Wayne
  • Peta Wilson as Eve
  • Angela Punch McGregor as Dr. Val
  • Damien Garvey as Roy
  • Josh Helman as Bryce
  • Radha Mitchell as Kelly
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Troppo Season 2 List of Episodes

The episode titles and details for Troppo Season 2 have not been released yet, as the season is still in early development phases. Season 1 consisted of 8 episodes:

  • Episode No. 1: Episode 1
  • Episode No. 2: Episode 2
  • Episode No. 3: Episode 3
  • Episode No. 4: Episode 4
  • Episode No. 5: Episode 5
  • Episode No. 6: Episode 6
  • Episode No. 7: Episode 7
  • Episode No. 8: Episode 8

Troppo Series creator team:

Writer/director Yolanda Ramke created Troppo, ably adapting the source material and bringing her experience with gritty genre pleasures to the table. She co-directed the 2017 zombie thriller Cargo.

As the set-up director and creative lead, acclaimed director Jocelyn Moorhouse oversaw the series’s very first season. Moorhouse is an Australian filmmaking veteran known for projects like Proof, A Thousand Acres, and The Dressmaker.

Behind the scenes, the producing team includes Karl Zwicky as series producer and heavyweight executive producers like Stuart Ford, Lourdes Diaz, Lisa Duff, David Ogilvy, Mikael Borglund, Greg Quail, Simonne Overend, and more across several production companies.

Thomas Jane also served as an executive producer, representing his Renegade Entertainment company’s involvement. Jane’s hands-on role speaks to his passion for the project and its brooding, intense tone.

Where to Watch Troppo Season 2?

While streaming details are still TBD for Season 2, viewers had a couple options to watch the first season of Troppo when it premiered:

For Australian audiences, the drama aired on the ABC broadcast network and was also available to stream on ABC’s iView platform.

Internationally, Amazon picked up the rights to Troppo Season 1 and made it available to stream for free (with ads) on its rebranded Amazon Freevee service, formerly ImDb TV.

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Troppo Season 2 Trailer Release Date:

No official release date has been set for a Troppo Season 2 trailer, as the show’s return hasn’t even been officially confirmed yet by producers or networks. However, once a second season gets the green light, fans can likely expect a teaser trailer to drop a few months prior to the premiere date to build anticipation.

In the meantime, viewers can revisit the moody, atmospheric trailer for Season 1 to get a sense of the show’s eerie, slow-burn vibe. The sun-drenched establishing shots of Queensland belie the dark currents swirling beneath its surface beauty.

Troppo Season 2 Final Words:

While the future remains clouded with tropical humidity, the prospects for Troppo Season 2 seem relatively strong if the creative team can corral the necessary resources and approvals. The first season garnered strong reviews and audience engagement, proving there is an appetite for more of this shadowy Queensland noir.

Should it move forward, the new season has an opportunity to build on the strong foundations laid before it while taking the story into even more sordid, morally compromising territory. Fans can anticipate an unprecedented test of the brotherly bond between prickly loners Ted and Amanda.

With its unique Australian setting, textured characters, and uncompromising exploration of darkness amidst beauty, Troppo scratches an itch very few other shows can. Here’s hoping news of its return comes sooner rather than later.