Twelve Of The Greatest Science Fiction Movies You Can Watch Right Now


Twelve Of The Greatest Science Fiction Movies You Can Watch Right Now:

“Le Voyage Dans la Lune,” which came out in 1902, was the first science fiction movie ever made. It’s clear that a lot has changed within the movie business since then. The way science fiction stories are told has changed a lot since special effects were invented.

In fact, VFX became the foundation on which the science fiction company sits today. As people became more interested, directors started to be more daring and grand in how they approached science ideas and made these movies.

Outside of here. The inside. Brand-new worlds. New tech limits. Smart computers that can learn. The best science fiction films take us to realms we could never imagine. They make us think of worlds that seem impossible, but end up influencing our own technology progress.

This type of books can be short, funny, and full of bright colors. They can also be dark, grim dramas that take place in the present, the far future, or even a long time ago within a world far, far away.


‘Frequencies’ takes place in a different universe and shows how people there give off certain “frequencies.” The more powerful ones have a greater likelihood of living. Individuals in this group cut themselves off from their feelings and think they can’t experience love, which drives them to succeed.

People with low frequencies, who are also known as “lowborns,” are more likely to feel strong feelings. This means that they can love, but not have as much success. Because of this difference, people with high and low frequencies can’t mix.

In this world, Zak, a lowborn person, falls within affection for Marie, a highborn person. The government has been hiding something from the people, and it could be the key to ending the frequency loop.


Aliennoid is either a brilliant work of science fiction or a confusing, disorganized mess of a story, but it’s probably best to call it both. In short, a kind alien guard and his robot partner, Thunder, are trying to stop the Collector, a mean alien, before he can free his fellow alien prisoners from their human host bodies.

It seems easy at first, but it changes between different times and gets so perplexing and difficult to follow that the plot isn’t worth watching for the story. Instead, watch it for the thrills as well as sci-fi shows.

Some people really dislike this movie, but it’s an epic, and with aliens, Taoist wizards, and robots that can move through time, you can’t deny how ambitious, creative, and unique it is.

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Silent Running:

Douglas Trumbull is in charge of directing Silent Running. Ron Rifkin, Bruce Dern, and Cliff Potts Douglas Trumbull had worked on groundbreaking movies like 2001 as a visual effects artist.

Yet Silent Running, a kind of prequel to Wall-E in which people are facing the end of their natural resources, gave him more freedom as a director. Bruce Dern plays Freeman Lowell, one of the crew members on a greenhouse ship that brings some of Earth’s last plants back to life after it has been destroyed.

But when his ship is told to kill the plants and go back, Lowell leads a mutiny and continues to take care of his plants with the help of three unforgettable robot helpers. It’s powerful, quiet, and reflective at different times. It’s a warning about the environment that doesn’t try to force its point on you.


The name Alex Garland is becoming more well known among sci-fi directors. After writing best-selling books like “The Beach,” he started writing stories for movies like “28 Days Later,” “Sunshine,” and “Never Let Me Go.”

He moved up to being a director with “Ex Machina,” another great sci-fi movie upon this list, as well as kept going with his work by adapting Jeff VanderMeer’s “Annihilation.”

A group of female experts goes into a protected area that has been taken over through an alien being. Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Tessa Thompson, Gina Rodriguez, as well as Oscar Isaac are in it.


Lightyear was Pixar’s effort to give the Toy Story series a new name. Instead of making a standard sequel, they made the version of the film that Andy would’ve seen and that would have given them the idea for the Buzz Lightyear toys.

It’s hard to sell that idea, and the movie probably didn’t do well at the box office it was one of Pixar’s biggest fail there. But Lightyear is a great journey in science fiction. The movie doesn’t hint or make fun of the fact that it’s a follow-up to Toy Story.

There is no doubt that the directors are dedicated to making a very serious and exciting sci-fi journey that may have been made without any Toy Story references. Lightyear will definitely be a cult favorite for a long time.

High Life:

Claire Denis is in charge of making the movie High Life. Rosamund Pike, Juliette Binoche, as well as Mia Goth Criminals upon a spaceship are racing toward a black hole, which sounds like the plot of a lost Michael Bay movie.

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This movie by Claire Denis is not a calming science fiction film; instead, it is more like the philosophical sci-fi movies of the 1970s. Robert Pattinson’s character, Monte, and a group of criminals are used as test subjects by Juliette Binoche’s chemist.

The movie is moody, dark, and violent at times. It’s a psychological trip into the void, filled with real fear, disturbing eroticism, nightmare-like abstract images, and great, thoughtful performances, especially from Robert Pattinson. Adult science fiction that is deep, dark, and doesn’t focus on action in space but instead challenges the mind and the heart.

10 Cloverfield Lane:

This movie could be considered a psychological horror if it weren’t linked to the world of “Cloverfield.” It was actually written to stand alone, but J. J. Abrams added some nods to the first movie to make it fit into his alien-monster world.

“10 Cloverfield Lane,” which stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead, John Goodman, as well as John Gallagher Jr., starts with an accident. A woman wakes up in a basement, chained to the floor, after escaping a car accident.

A middle-aged man warns her that the world outside is dead because of a virus within the air. He tells her that he saved her life, yet she doesn’t trust him and was suspicious of his real goals.

Three Thousand Years Of Longing:

I can’t say enough good things about George Miller as a director. Max Max: Fury Road is proof of this. While some might have thought his next movie would follow the same style, it turned out to be a very different great tale.

They play Alithea and a genie or djinn, respectively, in Three Thousand Years of Longing. He gives her the usual three wishes in exchange for his freedom when she frees him, yet there’s a big problem.

Alithea is very interested in stories and myths, so she is very afraid to make all three wishes come true because she knows all the stories of wishes that went wrong. There are a lot more deep ideas in Three Thousand Years of Longing than in most genie movies.


Bong Joon Ho has been placed in charge of making Snowpiercer. There is Tilda Swinton, Chris Evans, and Song Kang-Ho. A lot of people in the UK can now finally see Bong Joon Ho’s high-concept parody.

Based on the French post-apocalyptic graphic book Le Transperceneige, Snowpiercer’s unique future parody shows the last few people on Earth squished together on a train racing around the surface of a deep-frozen Earth, with a society of “haves” and “have-nots” living in different cars.

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Curtis, played by Chris Evans, is one of the less fortunate schlubs within the back row. He is ready to upset the system as well as fight back against people like Tilda Swinton’s crazy Thatcher-like Mason.

As always with Director Bong’s film, it’s a real mix of genres, with great action scenes and a unique sense of humor. But by looking at real-world problems through a fantastic, not-so-futuristic lens, it’s the Korean director at his most sci-fi.


Logan Marshall-Green hasn’t become a real star yet, but he has shown how good an actor he is in movies that are often on lists of underrated gems.

One of them is “The Invitation,” along with the sci-fi thriller “Upgrade.” ‘Saw’ and ‘Insidious’ writer Leigh Whannell directed the movie, which is about a man who becomes paralyzed after four men beat him in order to murder his wife.

He is given a chance to do right and get his existence back when he gets a chip injection that gives him back control of his body. There must be a lot greater to the program than just the ability to heal.

Puss In Boots: The Last Wish:

Talk about a cartoon movie that caught people by surprise. Puss within Boots: The Last Wish was both a spin-off of Shrek and a follow-up to a movie that came out only eleven months before. It was great even though it shouldn’t have been.

The way Puss in Boots: The Last Wish is animated looks a lot like Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. This was one of the greatest fantasy movies of 2022 alongside one of the greatest animated movies of the year thanks to its creative action scenes and well-developed characters.

District 9:

District 9 is directed by Neill Blomkamp. David James and Sharlto Copley To take the phrase “illegal aliens” in a more literal sense, the movie that made Neill Blomkamp famous is a great sci-fi work that mixes serious ideas with mech-powered gravity gun action.

It takes place in a world where alien “prawns” arrived decades ago on huge ships that are now stuck in the sky over Johannesburg. The movie is about Wikus Van De Merwe, played by Sharlto Copley, a weak official who is supposed to help get them out of their ghetto.

After meeting their families and learning about their science, his views change in a big way. It’s fast-paced and funny, and there are some horrifying scenes of body horror, but there’s real meaning behind the chaos in how it shows a divided South Africa.