Twisted Metal series officially confirmed by Sony after years of rumors


We were already aware of this project, but Sony hadn’t mentioned it openly until now.

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Twisted Metal

During his lecture at the CES 2022, Sony made some big announcements. The biggest thing was, without a doubt, the surprise that we got with PlayStation VR2, in addition to the first title for this device. However, that was not all that Sony shared while it had everyone’s attention, as it finally officially confirmed the serie de Twisted Metal, of which we already had knowledge for a long time.

Sony hasn’t shared many more detailsSince May 2019, the world had learned of the existence of this project, but for unknown reasons, Sony never spoke did not openly share details. There has been so much news about the series since we even know the protagonist of it, in addition to some details of the script that have already been revealed.

Despite making the official confirmation, Sony didn’t say much more about the series. We know that after the failure of the movie that was planned several years ago, the series emerged as a second chance to take Twisted Metal into more than just video games. Now that we have an Uncharted movie and a series of The Last of Us, the saga created by David Jaffe it will be something else that the PlayStation community can look forward to.

In case you are unfamiliar with this franchise, Twisted Metal incorporates the strange sub-genre of car fighting. Instead of racing at high speeds, players fight in combat arenas using various vehicles, firing missiles, dropping bombs, and using various other attacks against opponents.

The last installment of the saga came out in 2012 for the PlayStation 3 console and Twisted Metal has since become a exclusive Sony gradually forgotten. Its creator, David Jaffe, exclaimed a few months ago that he would feel very hurt if PlayStation does not look for him for a new title in this chaotic saga.

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