Twisters Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, And Everything You Need to Know


Twisters Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, And Everything You Need to Know

The original Twister film was a cinematic force of nature, captivating audiences with its heart-pounding storm-chasing action and awe-inspiring visual effects. Now, over 25 years later, the legacy of that cult classic is about to be reignited with the upcoming release of Twisters. This new chapter promises to deliver an electrifying thrill ride with viewers clinging to the edge of their seats. From its star-studded cast to its ambitious scale, Twisters looks to elevate the tornado-chasing genre to dizzying new heights.

Twisters Release Date:

Fans of the original Twister film won’t have to wait much longer to see the sequel in theaters. Twisters is set to premiere on July 19, 2024, positioning it as a prime summer blockbuster contender. This release date marks a strategic move by the studio, as Twisters will be going up against a crowded field of high-profile releases, including Marvel’s Deadpool & Wolverine and Illumination’s Despicable Me 4. However, the filmmakers are confident that the film’s impressive scale and edge-of-your-seat excitement will make it a must-see event for moviegoers.

Twisters Storyline:

While Twisters may be a sequel to the beloved 1996 film, screenwriter Mark L. Smith has clarified that this is not a direct continuation of the original story. Instead, the film will follow a brand-new set of characters, led by Daisy Edgar-Jones as Kate Cooper, a former stormchaser haunted by a traumatic encounter with a tornado during her college years. Now safely ensconced in the confines of New York City, Kate is lured back into the field by her friend, Javi (played by Anthony Ramos), to test a cutting-edge weather tracking system.

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There, Kate crosses paths with Tyler Owens, a charismatic and reckless social media star played by Glen Powell, who thrives on posting his dangerous storm-chasing exploits. As the two teams compete to gather data and unravel the secrets of these increasingly unpredictable weather patterns, they find themselves directly in the path of multiple converging storm systems over central Oklahoma. The film will explore the impact of climate change on tornado activity, adding a timely and thought-provoking element to the high-octane action.

Twisters List of Cast Members:

Twisters has assembled an impressive ensemble cast to bring this new chapter of the Twister saga to life. Leading the charge are:

  • Daisy Edgar-Jones as Kate Cooper
  • Glen Powell as Tyler Owens
  • Anthony Ramos as Javi
  • Rounding out the cast are:
  • Brandon Perea
  • Daryl McCormack
  • Maura Tierney
  • Sasha Lane
  • Harry Hadden-Paton
  • Kiernan Shipka
  • David Corenswet
  • Tunde Adebimpe
  • Katy O’Brian
  • Nik Dodani


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While the original Twister featured memorable performances from Helen Hunt and the late Bill Paxton, the Twisters filmmakers have opted to forge a new path, with none of the original cast members set to return. This bold decision allows the sequel to establish its distinct identity while paying homage to the franchise’s roots.

Twisters Creators Team:

Twisters is being helmed by acclaimed director Lee Isaac Chung, best known for his critically acclaimed drama Minari, which earned him an Oscar nomination. Chung’s transition from intimate character studies to big-budget disaster spectacle represents an exciting evolution for the filmmaker, and his unique visual sensibilities are sure to imbue Twisters with a distinct style.

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Mark L. Smith, whose previous credits include the gritty drama The Revenant, penned the screenplay for Twisters. Smith has promised that the film will tap into the spirit of the original Twister while also exploring timely themes related to the impact of climate change on extreme weather events.

Twisters is being produced by the esteemed team of Frank Marshall and Patrick Crowley, who have an extensive resume of blockbuster hits, including the Jurassic and Bourne franchises. The film is a joint venture between Universal Pictures, Warner Bros. Pictures, Amblin Entertainment, and The Kennedy/Marshall Company. Universal handles the North American distribution, and Warner Bros. oversees the international release.

Where to Watch Twisters?

Twisters is currently slated for a theatrical release, with Universal Pictures and Warner Bros. Pictures handling the distribution duties. The film will premiere in North America on July 19, 2024, while the international rollout will begin a few days earlier on July 17, 2024.

Details about when Twisters will be available for streaming are still scarce. Given that Universal Pictures is distributing the film in North America, the movie will likely find its way to Peacock, the studio’s streaming platform, after an exclusive theatrical window of around 90 days. However, the specific streaming release timeline has not been officially announced.

Twisters Trailer Release Date:

The first official trailer for Twisters was unveiled during Super Bowl LVIII on February 11, 2024, giving audiences their first thrilling glimpse of the new tornado-chasing adventure. The trailer introduced the central trio of characters – Kate, Tyler, and Javi – as they confront the full force of the film’s eponymous twisters.

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A second trailer for Twisters was released on May 8, 2024, providing an expanded look at the film’s over-the-top disaster sequences, including a tornado ripping through the city of Reno and a rare fire tornado that threatens the protagonists. With the release date fast approaching, it’s possible that one or more additional trailers could be unveiled in the coming months to stoke anticipation for this highly anticipated sequel further.

Twisters Final Words:

As the summer of 2024 approaches, the anticipation for Twisters continues to build. This new chapter in the Twister saga represents an opportunity to rekindle the magic of the original while also pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the disaster movie genre. With its talented cast, experienced filmmaking team, and ambitious scale, Twisters is poised to be a must-see event for audiences seeking an adrenaline-fueled, white-knuckle thrill ride.

The legacy of Twister looms large, but the Twister crew is confident that they can capture the same sense of wonder and excitement that made the original such an enduring classic. By embracing new technologies, exploring timely themes, and delivering spectacle on a grand scale, Twisters looks to discover its unique place in the pantheon of great storm-chasing movies. Fans of the original and newcomers alike will soon have to strap in and witness nature’s fury like never before.