Twitch desactiva el canal de Donald Trump


The streaming platform Twitch has announced that deactivate the channel of the still American president Donald Trump.

In a statement to IGN from a Twitch spokesperson: “In light of the shocking attack on Capitol Hill, we have disabled President Donald Trump’s Twitch channel.”

They further added: “Given the exceptional circumstances and the president’s incendiary rhetoric, we believe something needs to be done to protect our community and prevent the use of Twitch to incite further violence.”

As you may already know, yesterday both chambers of the United States met to certify the result of the 2020 elections, in which Joe Biden has won in a way that is not exempt from investigations and rumors of fraud, and this caused an assault on Capitol, in a riot that ran into the police after occupying the building.

Legislators from both parties were forced to seclude themselves or to escape for safety.

Following the events, digital companies have taken steps to limit Trump’s presence thereby preventing further violence. Facebook has announced that it is completely banning Trump from Facebook and Instagram, and Twitter has temporarily removed him.

Trump’s channel was already suspended in 2020 after being accused of violating the conduct guidelines.

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