Two Books & Practice Tests That Can Help You Achieve Amazon AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Badge


Two Books & Practice Tests That Can Help You Achieve Amazon AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Badge

In the past, someone had to go to their computer to access a file stored on it. Over time this changed. For instance, now you can use the same applications and their data from wherever you are on your phone or laptop. All this brilliance is due to the existence of cloud computing platforms such as ExamLabs AWS. It is said that most of the world’s business is on the cloud. The adoption of cloud computing services is on the rise now, with an expected 14.9% growth rate every year from 2020 to 2027. With the industry even more promising, Amazon is quickly professionalizing cloud computing. Today, this vendor issues certifications to cloud computing interested individuals through passing certain assessments. Here will review one of those exams, CLF-C01, and its related AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification. Stay with us as we go through them.

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam Overview

The AWS Certification Questions simply known as CLF-C01 is typically one IT exam that you can take with just six months of experience using AWS Cloud Computing technology. It does not matter the role you played in the company before you decided to enroll in this test. Just study for your exam, pass it, and you can get the desired AWS badge. But to succeed in it with flying colors you must know the test topics profoundly so your focus should simply be on CLF-C01 skill areas. There are four main domains this exam will revolve around. They are namely:

  • AWS Cloud Computing;
  • AWS Technology;
  • AWS Security;
  • AWS Billing and Pricing.
  • Certbolt AWS Certifications Exams
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Books to Become Prepared for CLF-C01 Test

A simple training course on the AWS Training and Certifications official page and some other preparation methods like using workable techniques such as practice tests from a good source can help you perform well in your exam. Nevertheless, how do you go to an industry without the right mindset? One powerful way of developing the appropriate industry mindset is studying about it. Luckily, there are AWS Cloud Practitioner-oriented books which you can read to be helped with that. Here are two most appreciated of them:

  • Learning AWS

This book by Amit Shah and Aurobindo Sarkar is good for architects and programmers wanting to know more about AWS. What this study guide will do is that it will teach you organic AWS techniques such as creating and deploying AWS infrastructure. Also, you will learn the operational bit of it and the DevOps pipeline. This way, the basics of the AWS Cloud will be ingrained in your mind.

  • AWS: Beginners Guide to Amazon Web Services

This book by Dennis Hutten is what you need to run your business on AWS like a pro instead of hiring someone to do it for you. You will create the right attitude and frame of mind while working with this study guide. You will know what AWS can do for your business including the flexibility, scalability, and reliability of this technology.

Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Exam Dumps


There are more books you can use and learn about AWS and develop the mindset for acquiring the Amazon AWS Certification Training Courses credential. However, these study guides should be supplemented by some reliable practice tests if you want to be streets ahead in your AWS Certbolt Certified Cloud Practitioner assessment. So, seize the moment and become Amazon certified!

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