Two collection goals, an imposing mark and a gesture that surprised the rival goalkeeper: Messi’s dream match in Barcelona’s triumph against Elche

The goals of Barcelona – Elche

He had to appear to dissipate a little the dark clouds that came over BarcelonaEven more so after the 1-4 against PSG for the Champions League and the 1-1 draw against Cádiz. Lionel Messi he did it again. He scored two brilliant goals and participated in the other goal in the 3-0 victory of the Blaugrana team against him. Elche, which allowed him to get within five points of Atlético Madrid, leader of the Spanish League.

Although the result denies it, it cost the team led by Ronald Koeman. He had a bad time in the epilogue of the first half and broke the equality at 3 minutes of the second half thanks to his captain. The forward, 33, started a slalom with his stamp, combined with Martin Braithwaite, who returned the cue ball to leave it in front of the goal. There, La Pulga played soft next to a stick to sign the 1-0.

At 23 minutes of the complement, the magic of Messi reappeared. Frenkie de Jong changed the rhythm to get into the area and touched back to enter the Argentine. There, time stood still for him. He advanced on tiptoe, feinting against opponents who were waiting for him to finish. And when he was inches from the goalkeeper … He impaled the ball with subtlety, to sign his 130th career double, with the simplicity of one more day at the office.

His task did not end there. With the desire that Barcelona does not become anxious in the epilogue, at 73 minutes of play he deepened with a send to the head of Braithwaite, who lowered the ball for the entry of Jordi Alba, who did not forgive. 3-0 and renewed illusions for the culé.

The fun moment of the Elche goalkeeper with Lionel Messi

The numbers are usually an x-ray of its increasing incidence in Barcelona. He is the top scorer in the league with 18 conquestsHe has been 12 in this incipient 2021 (along with Robert Lewandowski, the one who converted the most of the five major leagues on the planet). What’s more, It is the one with the most dribbles and shots on goal (93) accumulates in the competition.

At the end of the match at the Camp Nou, the attacker had a funny moment, which was captured by the cameras of the official broadcast. Edgar Badía, Elche goalkeeper, asked him for his shirt, a request to which Messi immediately agreed. For the happiness of having obtained the souvenir, the goalkeeper threatened to leave. La Pulga pointed out that he was missing a step in the exchange, something that surprised his adversary, who was amazed that the star wanted his diver. He immediately handed it over. The moment of confusion brought a smile from the Blaugrana captain who, despite the tough season that Barcelona is going through, continues to write high-impact chapters in his legend.


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