Two friends fell in deep love, will live together, swear they will die, got married and then …

Bihar News: In a small town like Bettiah in Bihar, two friends reached the police station and said, look, we are husband and wife, we have got married in court and now our family members are refusing to adopt us. Do something soon. The policemen were also surprised to see the dress and color of both. Both told that they got married in Jalandhar Court and now they are by law husband and wife. Also Read – When the boy coughs in the first night, what does he do at that time? Look

In this way, after the big cities, the trend of same-sex marriage has started increasing in small cities. This case of gay marriage in a small city like Betia is going to surprise people. According to the police, two girls arrived in the city police station late in the evening and started calling for security, calling themselves husband and wife. Also Read – Big decision on EPFO ​​- Interest on PF fixed, crores of people will get this benefit

Both girls told that they have got gay marriage in Jalandhar Court. The two cannot live without each other, but their families are refusing to accept this relationship and both have created a ruckus in the house. While taking action on this matter, the police questioned the family members of the two girls, and the girl’s family refused to have any kind of relationship with their daughter. Also Read – School In Coronavirus: The school is running in this school even in the Corona period …

After that, the police has sent both the loving couples to Ramnagar’s husband’s house. Hazrat’s father Hazrat, who lives in Bettiah, said that his family lived in Jalandhar, while Nagma Khatoon, a resident of Ramnagar, Bagaha, also lived in the neighborhood. Both of them had a good friendship but did not know that these two love each other in this way and have also married.

At first, the family members did not believe on hearing of their marriage, but after knowing that the family tried a lot to convince them, but both were ready to live and die with each other. Seeing the opposition of the family, the two girls, who became husband and wife, reached the city police station where the police investigated.

City police chief Rakesh Kumar Bhaskar told that Nagma and his wife Israt have been sent to police protection at his house in Ramnagar. In such a situation, it has to be seen whether now the housemaid of Nagma accepts the daughter-in-law of her daughter or where the boat of love of this loving couple who is gay married reaches.