Two policemen are fired for hunting a Snorlax in Pokémon GO and ignoring a theft notice


The dismissal has been confirmed in a court ruling, rich in details about this unusual case of incompetence.

The court news sometimes leaves us with the most unusual cases. In this sense, a couple of policemen from Los Angeles United States, were fired in 2017 for ignoring a burglary notice at a city store and hunting for a Snorlax in Pokémon GO. The termination has now been confirmed in a court ruling.

The ruling has been issued by a California appeals court and ends, at least for now, the judicial battle of the destitute. According to the Los Angeles Times, the agents appealed the dismissal alleging that the LA Police Department went to recordings of their cars to prove their misconduct, as well as to an interrogation without both being properly represented.

Image of an arrested Snorlax unrelated to the news.Image of an arrested Snorlax unrelated to the news.

The Los Angeles Times points out that this matter generated a lot of indignation within the body in 2017. According to the investigations carried out, the two policemen ignored a radio call despite being on patrol near the place where the crime had been committed, later lying about the reason for his non-response to the ad.

20 minutes searching for Snorlax

In more detail, the video used to justify the firing of the agents shows them chatting about Pokémon GO for 20 minutes, “while they led to different places where the creatures apparently appeared on their mobiles“Among these Pokémon the endearing Snorlax stands out especially.

A sad but curious news that does not have to cloud all the good that Pokémon GO has given to millions of players around the world. The geolocation video game from Niantic, Inc. was in 2021 one of the eight video games to raise more than 1 billion dollars on mobile phones, along with other successes such as PUBG Mobile.

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