Tyrese Gibson Is Suing Home Depot For $1 Million Over A Possible Case Of Racial Profiling


Tyrese Gibson Is Suing Home Depot For $1 Million Over A Possible Case Of Racial Profiling:

Tyrese Gibson is fighting Home Depot over an alleged case of racial profiling that happened earlier this year in a store near Los Angeles.

A lawsuit filed Wednesday in L.A. Superior Court says that the star from “Fast and Furious” and two other people went to a Home Depot store in West Hills, Calif., on Feb. 11, and “experienced outrageous discriminatory mistreatment as well as consumer racial profiling firsthand.”

Gibson, Eric Mora And Manuel Hernandez Are Asking For $1 Million Within Damages:

Gibson and his friends Eric Mora and Manuel Hernandez are asking for $1 million in damages, which Gibson says is how much he’s spent at the home improvement store over the years.

They also want statutory damages, attorney’s fees, punitive damages, a declaratory judgment that Home Depot’s actions broke California’s Unruh Civil Rights Act, pre-judgment as well as post-judgment interest, and “such other relief as the Court may deem fair and proper.”

Home Depot representative Said That We Do Not Stand For Any Kind Of Discrimination:

Within a statement, a Home Depot representative said, “Diversity as well as respect for every individual are at the heart of who we are, so we do not stand for any kind of discrimination.”

We like Mr. Gibson to be a customer, as well as in the months since this took place, we’ve talked to him and his lawyers several times to try to solve his problems. We will keep doing it.”

What Is The Gibson’s Complaint:

Gibson’s complaint, which has read, says that fans started to gather around him when the checkout line was taking a long time because of a “supposed glitch in the system.”

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Gibson didn’t want to cause trouble in the store, so he left to wait within his car while Mora as well as Hernandez finished the deal.

According to the complaint, Gibson then told the checker about his plan and that his friends would be using his credit card. The cashier “acknowledged Gibson as well as said he understood,” the complaint says.

Gibson Wasn’t Able To Finish The Deal Until He Had A Long, Angry Conversation With The Checker:

The lawsuit says that after that, Gibson requested the cashier if she needed anything else from him to finish the deal. The teller told Gibson no and that he could go.

At this point, the cashier reportedly refused to finish the deal, even after Gibson utilized FaceTime and then went back to the shop to make things right.

Cashier Stated The Store Policy Repeatedly Instead Of Giving A Good Reason:

The report says that the cashier didn’t give a good reason other than stating “store policy” and asking to see a form of ID. “The boss said he didn’t want to talk to Gibson in person.

Gibson wasn’t able to finish the deal until he had a long, angry conversation with the checker. The lawsuit also says, “The teller and boss did things that were unfair because of their race and where they were from.

There’s no other likely reason why the claimants were treated badly. Even though Gibson gave permission more than once, the deal was turned down due to of the plaintiffs’ skin color as well as, in the case of Mora as well as Hernandez, their nationality.

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Gibson, Mora, And Hernandez Were Humiliated And Put Down By The Way The Home Depot Treated Them:

This is a straightforward and terrible example of unfair treatment based on race and racial targeting of customers. Gibson, Mora, as well as Hernandez were humiliated and put down by the way The Home Depot treated them.

“The checker noticed Gibson as well as said he got it. Gibson queried the cashier if there was anything else she needed from him to finish the deal.

The teller told Gibson no and that he could go. But when Mora as well as Hernandez tried to make a payment for the goods with Gibson’s credit card, the cashier failed to finish the transaction.